Rick Wakeman- A Suite Of Gods

Album: A Suite of Gods
Artist: Rick Wakeman and Ramon Remedios
1989 Relativity
CD 88561-1026-2 (U.S.A.)
1989 President

Rick Wakeman: keyboards
Ramon Remedios: tenor
Tony Fernandez: Percussion

Produced by John Burns and Rick Wakeman

Dawn of Time (4:40)
The Oracle (4:29)
Pandora's Box (5:45)
Chariot of the Sun (4:18)
The Flood (8:30)
The Voyage of Ulysses (4:20)
Hercules (23:15)

Comments: part of "The Rick Wakeman New Age Collection", Rick
interprets the ancient myths. Electronic keyboards and a classically
trained tenor, this is NOT rock.

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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