Album: African Bach
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1991 Quatro
CD QTCY - 1017
1993 (?) President Records

Produced by Rick Wakeman and John Burns.
Bandmembers:  * (see notes below)

African Bach (3:52)
Message of Mine (3:56)
My Homeland (4:12)
Liberty (5:14)
Anthem (6:03)
Brainstorm (4:13)
Face in the Crowd (4:16)
Just a Game (4:07)
Africa East (5:41)
Don't Touch the Merchandise (4:35)

Comments/notes: * I bought the Japanese copy before it was rereleased 
by President Records. While all the lyrics are included in English, 
the band is not listed. Obviously, Rick Wakeman plays keyboards. There 
is a choir on some tracks. Ashley Holt sings lead vocals, which may be 
enough to put off anyone who didn't like his singing on the old 
classic RW albums. "Liberty" really hauls -choir and all!\

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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