Album: Age of Impact
Artist: Explorers Club
1998 Magna Carta
CD: MA-9021-2

Rhythm section:
Terry Bozzio: drums
Billy Sheehan: bass
Trent Gardner: keyboards
Wayne Gardner: electric and acoustic guitars, additional bass

Lead vocalists:
Bret Douglas (1)
Matt Bradley (2)
James LaBrie (3, 5)
D.C. Cooper (4)
Trent Gardner (5)

John Petrucci: guitars (1-3, 5)
Steve Howe: acoustic guitar (4)
Derek Sherinian: keyboards (1)
Trent Gardner: keyboards and trombone (1-4)
James Murphy: guitars (1, 4, 5)
Michael Bemesderfer: flute and wind controller (3, 4)
Frederick Clarke: nylon string guitar
Matt Guillory: keyboards (1, 5)
Billy Sheehan: bass (4)

Additional MIDI percussion by Brad Kaiser

Produced by Trent Gardner
Executive Producers: Peter Morticelli and Mike Varney

1. Fate Speaks (16:00)
2. Fading Fast (8:45)
3. No Returning (8:20)
4. Time Enough (9:15)
5. Last Call (11:10)

All songs and lyrics written by Trent Gardner

Notes: (***) A terrific, modern, progressive concept album. Steve Howe's input is not very extensive, but his presence may sell a few more copies. (submitted by Ray Riethmeier)

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