Album: Alive in Hallowed Halls
Artist: Asia
2001 Zoom Club Records

Band members:
John Wetton: vocals, bass
Geoff Downes: keyboards
Steve Howe: guitar
Carl Palmer: drums

1. Intro 0.31
2. Time Again (Wetton/Downes/Howe/Palmer) 5.44
3. Wildest Dreams (Wetton/Downes) 5.17
4. Without You (Wetton/Howe) 5.48
5. Midnight Sun (Wetton/Downes) 3.43
6. Only Time will Tell (Wetton/Downes) 5.11
7. Daylight (Wetton/Downes) 3.47
8. The Smile has Left Your Eyes (Wetton) 5.27
9. Keyboard Solo (Downes) 2.55
10. Don't Cry (Wetton/Downes) 3.57
11. Open Your Eyes (Wetton/Downes) 7.19
12. Ride Easy (Wetton/Howe) 4.32

Notes: (1/2) A horrible CD in so many respects. Although advertised as the final concert of the original Asia line-up, it isn't (or is only in parts), being instead taken from at least two different concerts of very poor sound quality. "Midnight Sun" begins mid-song, "Don't Cry" begins with the studio version before an awkward cut to the live recording, and "Ride Easy" is not live at all, but is simply the studio version tacked on to the end of the album. Fans interested in hearing live recordings of the original Asia would be happier with the Quadra boxed set. (Ray Riethmeier, 10 Sep 02)

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