Album: All Things Must Pass
Artist: George Harrison
Remaster: 2001 EMI
                CD: 7243 5 30474 2 9

Ringo Starr: drums & percussion
Jim Gordon: drums & percussion
Alan White: drums & percussion
Klaus Voorman: bass
Carl Radle: bass
Gary Wright: keyboards
Bobby Whitlock: keyboards
Billy Preston: keyboards
Gary Brooker: keyboards
Pete Drake: pedal steel guitar
George Harrison: vocals, guitar
Eric Clapton: guitar
Dave Mason: guitar
Bobby Keys: tenor saxophone
Jim Price: trumpet
Badfinger: rhythm guitars, percussion
Dhani Harrison: Fender Rhodes (10), backing vocals (10), acoustic guitar (14)
Ray Cooper: tambourine (14)
Sam Brown: additonal lead and backing vocals (14)
Mal Evans: tambourine
The George O'Hara-Smith Singers: backing vocals
Phil Collins: congas (21)

Produced by George Harrison and Phil Spector
Originally engineered by Ken Scott and Philip McDonald, with thanks to Eddie Klein; engineered in 2000 by Ken Scott
Remastered by Jon Astley

LP 1/CD 1:
1. I'd Have You Anytime [Harrison/Dylan] (2:57)
2. My Sweet Lord [Harrison] (4:37)
3. Wah-Wah [Harrison] (5:35)
4. Isn't It a Pity Version One [Harrison] (7:08)
5. What is Life [Harrison] (4:22)
6. If Not for You [Dylan] (3:29)
7. Behind That Locked Door [Harrison] (3:05)
8. Let It Down [Harrison] (4:57)
9. Run of the Mill [Harrison] (2:51)

additional tracks on CD 1:
10. I Live for You [Harrison] (3:36)
11. Beware of Darkness [Harrison] (3:20)
12. Let It Down [Harrison] (3:55)
13. What is Life [Harrison] (4:22)
14. My Sweet Lord (2000) [Harrison] (4:58)

LP 2/CD 2:
15. Beware of Darkness [Harrison] (3:48)
16. Apple Scruffs [Harrison] (3:04)
17. Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) [Harrison] (3:46)
18. Awaiting on You All [Harrison] (2:45)
19. All Things Must Pass [Harrison] (3:44)
20. I Dig Love [Harrison] (4:54)
21. Art of Dying [Harrison] (3:37)
22. Isn't It a Pity Version Two [Harrison] (4:45)
23. Hear Me Lord [Harrison] (5:48)

LP 3/CD 2 contd.'Original Jam'
24. It's Johnny's Birthday [Harrison/Evans/Klein: based on "Congratulations" by Martin/Coulter] (0:49)
25. Plug Me In [Gordon/Radle/Whitlock/Clapton/Mason/Harrison] (3:18)
26. I Remember Jeep [Ginger Baker/Voorman/Preston/Clapton/Harrison] (8:05)
27. Thanks for the Pepperoni [Gordon/Radle/Whitlock/Clapton/Mason/Harrison] (5:32)
28. Out of the Blue [Gordon/Radle/Whitlock/Clapton/Wright/Harrison/Price/Keys/Al Aronowitz] (11:13)

Orchestral arrangements by John Barham

Notes: (****) Considered by some to be the best Beatles solo album, Harrison's triple LP included many songs written when he had been a Beatle. Individual credits are not given for each track, but Spector's production style generally involved multiple players on each instrument, so any combination of the three credited drummers/percussionists, including White, could be on most any of the tracks. Many other players were never formally credited. (The players on the 'Original Jam', originally the third LP, can be seen from the credits.)

(10) is an out-take from the original sessions, but was not included on the album at the time. (11) is a demo. (12) combines the original guitar and vocal with additional overdubbing in 2000. (13) is an early backing track for the song. (14) has been mostly re-recorded.

"My Sweet Lord" was released as a single and made #1 in the UK. It was re-released at the start of 2002 to commemorate Harrison's death and again made #1 in the UK. (HP, 10 Feb 02)

Single: My Sweet Lord
Artist: George Harrison
2002 EMI Records Ltd.
CD: CDR 6571

Artwork by George Harrison

1. My Sweet Lord [Harrison] (4:39)
2. Let It Down [Harrison] (3:54)
3. My Sweet Lord (2000) [Harrison] (4:55)

Notes: Single release to accompany the release of the remastered All Things Must Pass consisting of tracks (2), (12) and (14) of that release. (HP, 21 Apr 03; thanks to Jim Smith)

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