Album: An Evening With John Wetton
Artist: John Wetton
2002 Northern Line Publishers
CD: NLP 00002

John Wetton: lead vocals, bass
Geoff Downes: keyboards, vocals
John Young: keyboards, vocals
John Mitchell: guitars
Steve Christey: drums & percussion

The John Wetton Fan Convention
Recorded live by Drew Dancha at the Holiday Inn Conference Center, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 20 Jul 2002.

1. Voice of America (Wetton/Downes) 4.07
2. God Only Knows (Wilson/Asher) 2.05
3. Red (Fripp) 6.48
4. In the Dead of Night (Jobson/Wetton) 6.14
5. Sole Survivor (Wetton/Downes) 6.58
6. Battle Lines (Wetton/Marlette/Mitchell) 5.27
7. Book of Saturday (Fripp/Wetton/Palmer-James) 3.40
8. Emma (Wetton) 3.35
9. The Smile has Left Your Eyes (Wetton) 3.20
10. Hold Me Now (Wetton/Marlette) 6.07
11. Allentown (Joel) 1.47
12. After All (Wetton/Young) 5.50
13. Rendezvous 6:02 (Jobson/Wetton) 5.43
14. Starless (Cross/Fripp/Wetton/Palmer-James) 9.45
15. Heat of the Moment (Wetton/Downes) 5.56

Notes: (**) More a souvenir of the Wetton Fan Convention than an actual album, this recording was made available by the official Wetton website ( a mere two weeks after the event. Two versions of the album were released: one with and one without the between song chat. The performance began very poorly, but Wetton seemed to get better throughout the show (eventually joking about sounding like Cartman, who sang "Heat of the Moment" on South Park). It is great to hear Wetton and Downes reunited, but this artifact does little more than whet the fan's appetite for a proper reunion yet to come. (2) is a cover of The Beach Boys song, (11) of the song by Billy Joel. Downes was only to the fore on the Asia songs, leaving Young to cover most of the keyboard parts otherwise. (Ray Riethmeier, with additional info from HP, 5 Aug 02)

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