Album: Beyond the Shrouded Horizon
Artist: Steve Hackett
2011 InsideOut Music
CD: 0505630

Steve Hackett: guitars, vocals, harmonica (1-17, 19-22)
Roger King: keys, programming (1-15, 19-22)
Gary O'Toole: drums (1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 20), vocals (1, 6, 20)
Rob Townsend: sax, whistle, bass clarinet (1, 4-6, 8)
Nick Beggs: bass, Chapman Stick, pink ukele (1, 6)
Amanda Lehmann: vocals (1, 6, 8, 20), guitar (5, 6)
John Hackett: flute (9), vocals (7)
Christine Townsend: violin, viola (4, 7, 9, 10, 18)
Richard Stuart: cello (4, 7, 9, 10, 18)
Benedict Fenner: keys, programming (16)
Dick Driver: double bass (4, 7, 10, 13, 18)
Simon Phillips: drums (12-14)
Chris Squire: bass (10, 12-14, 20)

Produced by S Hackett/King
Recorded, mixed and mastered by King, except (16) recorded and mixed by Fenner
Design: Harry Pearce
Photography: Harry Pearce (including front), Kevin Lunham, Maurizio Vicedomini, Benedict Fenner, Jo Hackett

1. Loch Lomond [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett] (6:49)
2. The Phoenix Flown [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett] (2:08)
3. Wanderlust [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett] (0:44)
4. Til These Eyes [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett] (2:41)
5. Prairie Angel [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett/Steve Howe/Jonathan Mover)] (2:59)
6. A Place Called Freedom [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett] (5:57)
7. Between the Sunset and the Coconut Palms [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett] (3:18)
8. Waking to Life [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett] (4:50)
9. Two Faces of Cairo [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett] (5:13)
10. Looking for Fantasy [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett] (4:33)
11. Summer's Breath [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett] (1:12)
12. Catwalk [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett] (5:44)
13. Turn This Island Earth [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett/Howe/Mover] (11:51)

Bonus CD:
14. Four Winds: North [S Hackett/King] (1:34)
15. Four Winds: South [S Hackett/King] (2:35)
16. Four Winds: East [S Hackett/Fenner] (3:34)
17. Four Winds: West [S Hackett/King] (3:04)
18. Pieds en L'Air [Peter Warlock] (2:25)
19. She Said Maybe [S Hackett/King] (4:21)
20. Enter the Night [S Hackett/King/Jo Hackett] (3:59)
21. Eruption: Tommy [Thijs van Leer] (3:37)
22. Reconditioned Nightmare [S Hackett] (4:06)

Notes: (****) The album was released as a 2CD limited edition with a bonus disc of 6 previously unreleased pieces, a 2LP and as a 1 CD version. Squire's appearance is from 2007 sessions, between Hackett appearing on Chris Squire's Swiss Choir and the Squackett project, that became tangled in legal issues around Hackett's divorce from Kim Poor. Squire also appeared on Hackett's previous solo album, Out of the Tunnel's Mouth. A Sep 2011 interview with Hackett had this about the album:

Interviewer: On your website, you mentioned that the new album is a sequel to Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth. How so? [...]

Hackett: I did, because all of the material was recorded at the same time, in parallel. I wasn’t able to finish those pieces at the time. So it’s a bit like working on separate canvases at the same time. Also, I had other things going on in my life — litigations, contesting the rights of some of those tracks. I’d put some of them to the side.

Steve Hackett married Jo Lehmann in Jun 2011 (making Amanda Lehmann his sister-in-law). Squire and John Wetton attended the wedding. The other family connection is Steve's brother John. Most of the musicians on the album have worked with Hackett before, including King, Fenner, A Lehmann and Beggs, who has also previously worked with Steve Howe.

Speaking of Howe, his name crops up in the writing credits on two songs.  I presume this just reflects Hackett re-using old ideas for GTR, but it means the eopic "Turn This Island Earth" that closes the album was co-written by Howe and has Squire playing bass! (HP, 13 Oct 11)
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