Album: Blow-Up: The Original Soundtrack Album
Artist: Herbie Hancock
1996 Premier Soundtracks / Turner Classic Movies Music (Turner Entertainment Co.)
CD: CDODEON 15 / 7243 8 52280 2 5

Composed, conducted and played by Herbie Hancock, except
(7) performed by The Yardbirds
(14, 15) performed by Tomorrow (West/Howe/Adler/Wood)

Tracks (7, 14, 15) in mono

Project co-ordination by Nigel Reeve
Additional sleeve notes by David Wishart
Digitally remastered by Peter Mew/N. Reeve

1. Main Title "Blow Up" [Hancock]
2. Verushka (Part i) [Hancock]
3. Verushka (Part ii) [Hancock]
4. The Naked Camera [Hancock]
5. Bring Down the Birds [Hancock]
6. Jane's Theme [Hancock]
7. Stroll On [Relf/Page/Beck/Dreja]
8. The Thief [Hancock]
9. The Kiss [Hancock]
10. Curiosity [Hancock]
11. Thomas Studies Photos [Hancock]
12. The End [Hancock]
13. End Title "Blow Up" [Hancock]
14. Am I Glad to See You [West]
15. Blow-Up [West]

Notes: Steve Howe was in Tomorrow for this not-quite appearance on the Carlo Ponti film. Director Michelangelo Antonioni had originally hoped to get Velvet Underground to be in the film, but then commissioned two songs from Tomorrow. They weren't used and the bands planned appearance in a party scene didn't happen, replaced instead by The Yardbirds. Those two Tomorrow songs were first included on this re-release of the original soundtrack album. (Henry Potts, 19 Oct 2008)

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