Album: Brand New Boots and Panties
Artist: Various artists with The Blockheads
2001 east central one limited

Band (1-3, 6-10):
Chaz Jankel
Mickey Gallagher
Gilad Atzmon
Norman Watt-Roy
John Turnbull
Dylan Howe

Additional musicians:
Jools Holland: piano (3)
Steve Sidwell: trumpet (3)
Sam Brown: vocals (9)
Steve Howe: additional guitar (1), sitar (8)

Produced by Laurie Latham, except (4) by Clive Langer/Alan Winstanley, (6) by Grant Showbiz, (7) by Latham/Wreckless Eric
Mastered by John Astley at Close to the Edge

Liner notes by BP Fallon
Cover painting: Peter Blake, based on a photo by Pennie Smith

1. Sinead O'Connor: Wake Up and Make Love with Me [Dury/Jankel] (4:59)
2. Robbie Williams: Sweet Gene Vincent [Dury/Jankel] (4:07)
3. Paul McCartney: I'm Partial to Your Abracadabra [Dury/Jankel] (3:32)
4. Madness: My Old Man [Dury/Nugent] (3:13)
5. Billy Bragg and the Blokes: Billericay Dickie [Dury/Nugent] (4:43)
6. Wreckless Eric: Clevor Trever [Dury/Jankel] (6:16)
7. Cerys Matthews: If I was with a Woman [Dury/Jankel] (3:35)
8. Grant Nicholas: Blockheads [Dury/Jankel] (4:08)
9. Shane MacGowan: Plaistow Patricia [Dury/Nugent] (4:03)
10. Keith Allen: Blackmail Man [Dury/Nugent] (2:14)

Notes: Recorded after Ian Dury's death as a tribute by his backing band, The Blockheads, Brand New Boots and Panties is a track-by-track recreation of his 1977 album New Boots and Panties!!. 50% of the net profits went to Cancer BACUP. Blockheads drummer Dylan Howe is Steve's son. (HP, 28 May 06)

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