Single: Buffalo Gals Back to Skool
Artist: Malcolm McClaren presents Rakim
1998 Virgin
CD: VSCDJ I628 [promo]

Remixed by Rakim (1)
Produced by Trevor Horn (2)
Design by Fuel (London)

1. Buffalo Gals Back to Skool Rakim Radio Edit [McLaren/McLaren/Horn/Dudley] (3:31)
2. Buffalo Gals (Original Mix) [McLaren/Horn/Dudley] (3:41)

Notes: "Buffalo Gals" was a single from the early 1980s (released on the album Duck Rock), a project by McLaren and Horn, also involving Anne Dudley. The new version here represents a major re-working by Rakim, who went on to work with the reformed Art of Noise (see The Seduction of Claude Debussy). (HP, 17 Oct 05)

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