Promo: Cathedral of Love
Artist: The Syn
2005 Umbrello Records

Musicians (not given):
Steve Nardelli: vocals
Chris Squire: bass, backing vocals
Gerard Johnson: keys
Paul Stacey: guitar
Jeremy Stacey: drums

1. Cathedral of Love (Radio Edit) (5:34)
2. Cathedral of Love (Album Version) (9:16)

Notes: (****) This promo was given out with press packs at the Umbrello Entertainment/THAT-TV press launch on 24 May 2005 at the Café Royal in London. Umbrello Entertainment was set up by Squire, Nardelli and Michael Goodall and this is the first ever release on the new Umbrello Records label. A promo simply in a clear slipcase with no notes, the song is expected to be released commercially as a single and comes from the forthcoming album Syndestructible. This recording was taken from a studio master rather than the final album master.

The basic song, as heard more clearly in the radio edit, was written by Nardelli, but the piece was expanded and arranged by the band, particularly arranger Gerard Johnson and producer Paul Stacey. The section:

"Spring and Summer, love together
It's only cold when you're not here
Meant to tell you simple tethers
Always bind us to our fears

"As we reach further we will uncover
Passages of light and dark
Forevever twisting, not resisting
Help us find that subtle spark

"Even though we've shared adventures
We look with joy upon simple things
Hold me closer, leave me warmer
Setting scenes for all love brings"

... was written by Johnson and Hamish Brewer in 1982 and brought into the piece for the album version to provide a contrasting section to Nardelli's main theme. (Just the first line is used briefly in the radio edit). (HP, 25 May 05)

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