Artist: Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Title: Chance
1980 Rvonz / 1999 Creature Music Ltd.
LP UK: BRON529 / CD: MANN 012

Band members:
Manfred Mann: keyboards, vocals (4)
Trevor Rabin: guitars
Mick Rogers: guitars
Steve Waller: guitars, vocals (7)
Geoff Whitehorn: guitars
Robbie McIntosh: guitar
Chris Thompson: vocals (1-3)
Dyan Birch: vocals (8 and others)
Willy Finlayson: vocals (9)
Peter Marsh: vocals (6)
Carol Stocker: additional backing vocals
Barbara Thompson: sax
Pat King: bass, bass pedals
John Lingwood: drums

Album recorded May 1979-July 1980
Produced by Manfred Mann
Associate producer: Trevor Rabin
Engineer: Rik Walton
Re-master by Mike Brown/Robert M Corich

Cover by Ole Kortzau
Design: Martin Poole

Side one:
1. Lies (Through the 80's) [Denny Newman] (4:37)
2. On the Run [Mann/Tony Ashton/Florrie Palmer] (3:53)
3. For You [Bruce Springsteen] (5:41)
4. Adolescent Dream [Mann] (2:42)
5. Fritz the Blank [Mann] (2:52)

Side two:
6. Stranded [Mann/Mike Heron] (5:49)
7. Hello, I am Your Heart [Dennis Linde] (5:19)
8. No Guarantee [Mann] (3:50)
9. Heart on the Street [Tom Gray] (4:56)

Bonus tracks (1999):
10. A Fool I Am (Single B Side) [Mann/Pat King/John Lingwood/Steve Waller] (4:16)
11. Adolescent Dream (Single Version) [Mann] (2:24)
12. Lies (Through the 80s) (Single Version) [Newman] (4:15)
13. For You (Single Version) [Springsteen] (3:53)

Notes: Newman was a friend of one of the Earth Band's roadies and later joined the band for a short period. "Fritz the Blank Man" began as a song and had been rejected for the album, when it was played without its vocal to Rabin, who suggested its inclusion as an instrumental. "Stranded" is left over from writing for the earlier album Watch (1978). 

"Lies" was released as a single before the album came out on 10 Oct 1980. "Lies" was backed with "You're Not My" ("Adolescent Dream" under a different title). "For You" was the second single, backed with "A Fool I Am". 

The band toured in support of the album in 1981, opening the show with "Hello Hello", an unreleased track from the album sessions. (HP, 4 Nov 2012)

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