Album: Chaptersend
Artist: Mogador
2017 Mentalchemy Records

Richard Allen: drums, vocals, percussion
Salvatore Battello: bass, guitars (9), backing vocals
Lucca Briccola: guitars, bass (1, 10, 12, 13), flute, backing vocals
Samuele Dotti: keys, backing vocals
Marco Terzaghi: vocals

Jon Davison: vocals (5)
Ida Di Vita: violin (1)
Elisa Salvaterra: flute (3)

Produced & mixed by Briccola
Recorded at the Mentalchemy Sound Dungeon, Como, Italy, 2014-6
Art: Roberto Rinaldi

1. "Summer Sun" [mus: Briccola; lyr: Robert Louis Stevenson] (5:35)
2. "The Escapologist" [mus: Briccola; lyr: Allen] (7:00)
3. "Deep Blue Steps" [Dotti] (4:38)
4. "Still Alone" [mus: Briccola; lyr: Edgar Allan Poe] (6:17)
5. "Josephine's Regrets" [mus: Briccola; lyr: Allen] (4:02)
6. "Breaking Day" [mus: Briccola; lyr: Allen] (1:13)
7. "Gentleman John" [mus: Briccola; lyr: Allen] (9:55)
8. "Tell Me Smiling Child (Version 2017)" [mus: Briccola; lyr: Emily Brontė] (2:51)
9-13. "Fundamental Elements Suite (Version 2017)"
    9. "The Tide's Undertow" [mus: Briccola; lyr: Allen] (6:38)
    10. "The Salamander" [mus: Briccola; lyr: Allen] (9:56)
    11. "Floating in the Void" [Briccola] (7:11)
    12. "Mammon's Greed: Eternity's Gift" [mus: Briccola; lyr: Allen] (2:50)
    13. "Mammon's Greed: Infinity's Price" [mus: Briccola; lyr: Allen] (5:46)

Notes: Released 9 Apr 2017 on CD, Chaptersend brings us 7 new pieces of music (1-7) and 6 re-workings of older material (8-13). Davison appears to have recorded his contribution remotely and provides backing vocals on (5).

This is the fourth album from Mogador, an Italian prog band formed in 2007 by Allen, Briccola and guitarist Stefano Lago (who left after their first album). Their name is taken from a cotton and silk blended cloth used in tiemaking: they started out rehearsing in a tiemaking factory. Davison guested on their previous album, released 2012. (HP, 17 Jun 17)
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