Album: Cinema Sampler
Artist: various
1987 Capitol
CD: DPRO-79173 [1987]; C2-48994 DIDX 2480 [1988]

Produced by Pete Bardens (1-3)
Produced by Patrick Moraz in association with Barry Radman (4, 5)
Produced by Michael Hoenig (6, 7)
Produced by Dan Lowe (8-10)

1. Pete Bardens: In Dreams (5:28)
2. Pete Bardens: Seascapes (4:22)
3. Pete Bardens: Prelude (2:26)
4. Patrick Moraz: Light Elements (6:38)
5. Patrick Moraz: Beyond Binary (4:32)
6. Michael Hoenig: Bones on the Beach (6:04)
7. Michael Hoenig: Xcept One (5:05)
8. Amin Bhatia: Overture (2:36)
9. Amin Bhatia: The Ship (2:45)
10. Amin Bhatia: Walking in Space (5:49)

(1-3) from Seen One Earth; (4, 5) from Human Interface; (6, 7) from Xcept One; (8-10) from The Intersteller Suite

Comments: This album is more famous for its liner notes, which tantalisingly announce a solo album by Tony Kaye, which was never released: "The "Yes" album and "90125" keyboard man who played with both Bowie and Detective in between. A triumph of mystery and mastery in his futuristic Cinema mission." Kaye has said he recorded a whole instrumental album, but then decided it needed vocals. Further recording appears never to have happened however. (Ray Riethmeier; updated, HP, 13 Oct 2011)

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