Album: Collection
Artist: Billy Sherwood
2015 Backyard Levitation

Performed by Billy Sherwood, except:
Jay Schellen: drums (3)

Produced, recorded & mixed by Sherwood
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
Cover artwork & design: Michi Sherwood

1. "Drone Decipher" [Sherwood] (6:01), from The Art of Survival
2. "Seeing Through the Walls" [Sherwood] (10:54), from At the Speed of Life...
3. "Call" [Sherwood/Gowdy] (5:51), from The Big Peace
4. "On Impact" [Sherwood] (7:58), from Divided by One
5. "Dying Breed" [Sherwood] (4:13), from No Comment
6. "The Recurring Dream" [Sherwood] (7:26), from Oneirology
7. "What was the Question?" [Sherwood] (7:08), from What was the Question?
8. "I Hung My Head" [Sting] (5:15), exclusive track
9. "Dark to Light" [Sherwood] (4:49), exclusive track

Notes: Released as part of a new deal with Cherry Red Records in 2015 (web-only deal with Divided by One from Aug, general UK release 30 Oct, general US release 6 Nov), Collection contains 7 tracks from each of Sherwood's first 7 solo albums, plus 2 exclusive tracks. "I Hung My Head" is a cover of Sting's song on his 1996 album Mercury Falling; "Dark to Light" is an original piece by Sherwood. (HP, 23 Aug 15)
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