Album: Cor Cordium
Artist: Glass Hammer
2011 Sound Resources/Arion Records

Jon Davison: lead vocals, acoustic guitars
Steve Babb: bass guitar, keys, backing vocals
Fred Schendel: keys, steel & acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Alan Shikoh: acoustic, electric & classical guitars, electric sitar

Randal Williams: drums
Jeffrey Slick: violin (4)
Ed Davis: viola (4)

Produced by Babb/Schendel
Mastered by Bob Katz
Co-production and engineering on "Dear Daddy" segments by Daylon Walden
Art: Tom Kuhn

1. Nothing Box (10:54)
2. One Heart (6:22)
3. Salvation Station (5:10)
4. Dear Daddy (10:32)
5. To Someone (18:22)
6. She, a Lonely Tower (11:00)

Music by Babb, Schendel, Davison, Shikoh
Lyrics by Babb, Schendel, Davison

Notes: (****) The US progressive rock band Glass Hammer have always been known for being Yes-influenced and Yes-like. Jon Anderson even guested on a previous album (2007's Culture of Ascent). Cor Cordium was their second album with vocalist Jon Davison and Alan Shikoh. As such, it was Davison's most recent release when the news came in February 2012 that he would be joining Yes on forthcoming live dates.

While credited to the whole band, two songs were mainly Davison's: "Salvation Station" (with a middle section by Schendel) and "Dear Daddy"; "To Someone" was largely a Schendel/Davison co-write; plus Davison mostly did the lyrics for "She, a Lonely Tower". (HP, 30 Dec 16)
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