Artist: Morse Portnoy George
Title: Cover 2 Cover
2012: Radiant Records/Metal Blade
CD: 3984-151162

Band members:
Neal Morse: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Mike Portnoy: drums, vocals (8)
Randy George: bass

Additional musicians:
Paul Gilbert: guitar (8)
Paul Bielatowicz: guitar solo (9)
Jom Hoke: horns
Ivory Leonard and Danielle Spencer: backing vocals (10)
Steve Royce: flute (4)

Produced by Morse
Mixed by Rich Mouser (1-7), Jerry Guidroz (8-12)

Photography & design: Joey Pippin

1. Lido Shuffle [David F Paich/William R Scaggs]
2. I Saw the Light [Todd Harry Rundgren]
3. Rikki Don't Lose That Number [Walter Becker/Donald Fagen]
4. Teacher [Ian Anderson]
5. Driven to Tears [Sting]
6. Come Sail Away [Dennis De Young]
7. Southern Man/Needle and the Damage Done/Cinnamon Girl [Neil Young]
8. Crazy Horses [Alan Osmond/Wayne Osmond/Merrill Osmond]
9. Lemons Never Forget [Maurice Gibb/Barry Gibb/Robin Gibb]
10. The Letter [Wayne Carson Thompson]
11. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding [Nick Lowe]
12. Starless [Bill Bruford/David Cross/Robert Fripp/Richard Palmer James/John Wetton]

Notes: (1) was originally by Boz Scaggs, (2) by Todd Rundgren, (3) by Steely Dan, (4) by Jethro Tull, (5) by The Police, (6) by Styx, (7) by Neil Young, (8) by The Osmonds, (9) by The Bee Gees, (11) by Elvis Costello and (12) by King Crimson. (10) is modelled on Joe Cocker's version. (8-12) were recorded in 2008 during sessions for Morse's Lifeline album, and the other tracks during 2012 sessions for his album Momentum.

(12) was previously released on a fan club release. Portnoy sent the track to Bruford, who went out of his way to praise it. (HP, 4 Nov 2012)

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