Album: Coyote Ugly Soundtrack
Artist: various artists
2000 Curb Records
CD: 8573 85254 2

LeAnn Rimes: lead vocals (1-4)
Tim Pierce: guitar (1-4)
Jamie Muhoberac: keys (1-4), bass (1-4)
Lee Sklar: bass (1-4)
John Robinson: drums (1-4)
Curt Bisquera: drums (1-4)
Alan Pasqua: piano (1-4)
Sue Ann Carwell: backing vocals (1-4)
Niki Harris: backing vocals (1-4)

Produced by Trevor Horn (1-4), Don Henley/Danny Kortchmar/Greg Ladanyi (5), Ralph Jezzard (6), Snap (7), John Boylan (9), Michael Lloyd/Mike Curb (10), Don Cook/Chris Waters (11), Brad Gilderman/Harvey Mason Jr/Curb (12)
Executive album producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Kathy Nelson, Curb
Music supervisors: Nelson, Bob Badami
Engineered & mixed by Steve MacMillan (1-4)
Additional engineering (1-4): Tim Weidner, Greg Hunt, Gary Leach, Austin Deptula
Technical assistants (1-4): Sara Lind, Robert Orton
Remixed by Thunderpuss 2000 (Chris Cox/Barry Harris) (12)
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen

1. LeAnn Rimes: "Can't Fight the Moonlight" [Diane Warren] (3:35)
2. LeAnn Rimes: "Please Remember" [Warren] (4:34)
3. LeAnn Rimes: "The Right Kind of Wrong" [Warren] (3:47)
4. LeAnn Rimes: "But I Do Love You" [Warren] (3:20)
5. Don Henley: "All She Wants to Do is Dance" [Kortchmar] (4:29)
6. EMF: "Unbelievable" [James Atkins/Ian Dench/Zachary Foley/Mark Decloedt/Deran Brownson] (3:30)
7. Snap!: "The Power" [Benito Benitez/John Garrett III/Antoinette Colandero] (3:39)
8. INXS: "Need You Tonight" [Michael Hutchence/Andrew Fariss] (3:09)
9. The Charlie Daniels Band: "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" [Charlie Daniels/John Crain/Taz DiGregorio/Fred Edwards/Charlie Hayward/Jim Marshall (3:35)
10. Rare Blend: "Boom Boom Boom" [Robert Vega/Ray Vega/Chris Pelcher] (3:21)
11. Tamara Walker: "Didn't We Love" [Tamara Walker/Tommy Lee James/Jennifer Kimball] (3:24)
12. Mary Griffin: "We Can Get There (TP2K Hot Radio Mix)" [Curb/Deborah Allen] (3:59)

string arrangements by David Campbell (1, 3, 4)

Notes: Violet Sanford is trying to make it as a musician. Meets guy—but things go badly. Ends up working at a trendy bar, the eponymous Coyote Ugly, where she dances sexily in between serving drinks. Things go better with guy. Stops working at bar. Makes it big. LeAnn Rimes comes to the bar to sing one of her songs with her. The end.

The film (released 4 Aug 2000) was big at the box office (4th in North America on its opening weekend), if not with the critics. The soundtrack (released 1 Aug 2000) consists of Violet's 4 songs from the film, actually written by superstar songwriter Diane Warren and performed by country pop singer Rimes, and produced by Horn. Violet sings her songs in character in the film, but Rimes provided the vocals rather than the character's actress, Piper Perabo. The other tracks were all previously released and appear in the film. The album made quadruple Platinum in the US, quintuple Platinum in Canada (i.e., 500,000 units) and Gold in Japan (100,00 units). It was #1 in Australia and on the US and Canadian Country album charts. It was also #3 in US Soundtracks. It made #9 overall in the US, #1 in Australia, #2 in Austria, #3 in Norway, #4 in Canada, #6 in Denmark, #7 in Flanders (Belgium), #9 in Finland and Switzerland, and the top 100 in several other countries. There was a follow-up album, More Music from Coyote Ugly.

Rimes released three of her tracks as singles: "Can't Fight the Moonlight" (released 22 Aug 2000), "But I Do Love You" (released 9 Feb 2001 US, 11 Feb UK) and "The Right Kind of Wrong—Remixed" (2001). "Can't Fight the Moonlight" made  #11 in the US, #1 in UK, Australia, Netherlands, Romania, Ireland, Flanders (Belgium), Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, #2 in Italy, Poland and Norway, #3 in France and Europe, #8 in Germany, etc. It was the 12th best-selling single of 2000 in the UK, 142nd of 2001, and 55th best of the decade. It was also the best-selling of 2001 in Australia, and 46th best of the decade. It was also the 7th best-selling of 2001 in New Zealand and in the top 40 of that year in several other countries. It was the 56th best-selling single of 2002 in the US. It went triple Platinum in Australia (210,000 units), Platinum in the UK (600,000) and Gold in the US (500,000) and France (340,000). "But I Do Love You" made #20 in the UK, #48 in Ireland and #18 on the US Country chart. (HP, 21 Oct 17)
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