Album: Curtiss Maldoon and Sepheryn—The Definitive Collection
Artist: Curtiss Maldoon
Capitol; 1999 Purple Records Ltd. respectively
LP: ST-880; CD: PUR 302 respectively

Band members:
Dave Curtiss: vocal (1-10), backing vocals (15-21), guitar (2-5, 7-9, 15-21), acoustic guitar (1, 9), piano (4, 7), keyboards (15-21), harmonica (1), percussion (7)
Clive Maldoon: vocals (1-3, 5-10), lead vocals (15-22), guitars (2, 7, 8, 10, 15-22), acoustic guitar (6, 9), Mellotron (15-21), percussion (7)
Bruce Thomas: bass (1-4, 6-8, 10)
Ace Evans: bass (9)
John McCoy: bass (15-21)
Roger Powell: drums (1?, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9) [Curtiss Maldoon credits Powell on (1), but Sepheryn does not.]
Harvey Burns: drums (2)
Roy Dyke: drums (10)
Liam Genocky: drums (15-21)
Cal Batchelor: guitar (1), organ (4)
Steve Howe: guitar (6, 10)
Tom Parker: piano (2)
Ian Whiteman: piano (6, 8, 9)
Tony Ashton: organ (10)
Howie Casey: tenor sax (6)
Alan Townsend: trumpet (6)
John Lee: trombone (6)
Morgan Studios Massed Freak Choir: backing vocals (1)

(11-14) performed by Curtiss Maldoon with unknown other musicians

Produced by Curtiss Maldoon (9, 10, 11, 13-17, 20, 21), Hugh Murphy (1-8, 12, 18, 19), Clive Maldoon (22)

1. Man from Afghanistan [Curtiss/Maldoon] (3:34)
2. Fly Like an Eagle [Curtiss/Maldoon] (4:10)
3. So Nice [Curtiss/Maldoon] (3:03)
4. Long Long Time [Curtiss/Maldoon] (4:05)
5. Ibiza Beach Song [Curtiss/Maldoon] (3:08)
6. Warm on the Ridge [Curtiss/Maldoon] (2:35)
7. Sepheryn [Curtiss/Maldoon] (3:12)
8. I'm Waiting [Curtiss/Maldoon] (2:36)
9. You Make Me Happy (And You Make Me Sad) [Curtiss/Maldoon] (3:14)
10. Find a Little Peace [Curtiss/Maldoon] (4:21)

11. Amber Man [Curtiss/Maldoon] (3:03)
12. Ah It's a Feeling [Curtiss/Maldoon] (4:02)
13. Still is the Night [Curtiss/Maldoon] (4:11)
14. It's Alright [Curtiss/Maldoon] (2:30)
15. Ballad of Lots Road [Maldoon] (3:03)
16. You Were a Friend [Maldoon] (3:23)
17. It Still Feels Sore [Maldoon] (3:10)
18. Clouds in My Hair [Maldoon] (2:55)
19. Sit & Talk About It [Curtiss/Maldoon] (3:45)
20. One Way Ticket [Curtiss/Maldoon] (3:07)
21. All the Time [Maldoon] (3:29)
22. On My Own Again (Clive's version) [Maldoon] (2:34)

Strings arranged by Tom Parker (1-10)

Tracks 1-10 constitute the original 1971 Curtiss Maldoon album. This is included in its entirety in the 1999 compilation Sepheryn—The Definitive Collection, which also includes (11), a non-album b-side (to "You Make Me Happy"); three previously unreleased tracks from the sessions for Curtiss Maldoon (12-14); selections from the follow-up album, Maldoon; and a previously unreleased version of another song from Maldoon (22).

Dave Curtiss (on bass), Steve Howe (on guitar) and Bobby Woodman (drums) had formed Bodast towards the end of 1968. They were soon joined by Clive Maldoon (real name: Clive Skinner) and these four recorded Bodast's single album, which did not see release until 1990 as Steve Howe—The Early Years with Bodast. Bodast soon broke up, but Curtiss and Maldoon continued as a duo, recoding the Curtiss Maldoon album through 1970 and into 1971. Guest musicians included Howe (country style on "Warm on the Ridge" and some blistering, distorted soloing on "Find a Little Peace") and part-time Bodast member Bruce Thomas.

Curtiss Maldoon went on tour with John McCoy and Liam Genocky. After session work for Purple Records, the band worked on a follow-up beginning with material written for the first album (e.g. "Sit & Talk About It" and "Clouds in My Hair"), but Curtiss became disillusioned and withdrew his name from the project: Maldoon by Maldoon came out in Nov 1973.

Curtiss continued a few more years in music before changing to a business career. Maldoon died in an accident in 1976, but his niece Christine Leach also went into music. Leach was re-working "Sepheryn" while working with William Orbit. Via Orbit, Madonna heard a backing track of the new version, which eventually ended up as "Ray of Light" on Madonna's album of the same name in 1998. The resulting financial boost of this huge hit has allowed Curtiss to re-start his musical career and the attention brought to the band resulted in the Sepheryn—The Definitive Collection release. (HP, 28 Jul 02)

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