Album: Dangerous and Moving
Artist: t.A.T.u.
2005 Universal International Music B.V. (UMG Recordings, Inc.)
CD: 9885104

Band members:
Lena Katina: vocals
Julia Volkova: vocals

T.A. Music: Julia Volkova, Lena Katina, Boris Renski, Dasha Mischenko, Eugenia Voevodina, Andrey Artischev

Additional musicians:
Sting: bass (5)

Executive producer: Boris Renski
Produced by Martin Kierszenbaum/T.A. Music (1, 12, 14), Kierszenbaum/Robert Orton (2, 5, 6), Sergei Galoyan/Dennis Ingoldsby/Kierszenbaum (3, 8-10), Ed Buller/Andy Kubiszewski/Kierszenbaum (4), Trevor Horn (7), Galoyan/Ingoldsby/T.A. Music (11, 13)
Mixed by Robert Orton
Engineered by Robert Orton and Tony Ugval
A&R: Martin Kierszenbaum
Recorded at Very Cherry Studios, Permanent Waves, The Village, Henson Studios, SARM Studios, Interscope Studios, Capitol Studios and Right Tracks
Universal Russia Executive Direction: David Junk
Mastered by Tom Baker
Photography & art design: T.A. Music

1. Dangerous and Moving (Intro) (0:50)
2. All About Us [J Alexander/Billy Steinberg/J Origliasso/L Origliasso] (3:01)
3. Cosmos (Outer Space) [L Alexandrovski/S Galoyan/Kierszenbaum/V Polienko] (4:11)
4. Loves Me Not [Buller/Kubiszewski] (2:56)
5. Friend or Foe [Kierszenbaum/Dave Stewart] (3:08)
6. Gomenasai [Kierszenbaum] (3:43)
7. Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have) [Lisa Lindley Jones] (3:50)
8. Sacrifice [Galoyan/Kierszenbaum] (3:10)
9. We Shout [Alexandrovski/Kierszenbaum/Nekkermann/Polienko] (3:02)
10. Perfect Enemy [T.A. Music/Galoyan/Kierszenbaum/Polienko] (4:12)
11. Obezyanka Nol [A Pokutni/V Adarichev/Polienko] (4:25)
12. Dangerous and Moving [Alexandrovski/I Shapovalov/Polienko/Kierszenbaum/T.A. Music; concept by T.A. Music] (4:35)
13. Vsya Moya Lubov [Galoyan/Kierszenbaum/Polienko] (5:49)
14. Lyudi Invalidi [Polienko/Shapovalov] (4:38)

Strings arranged & conducted by Richard Carpenter (6)

Notes: There are several versions of this album. The version detailed here was licensed to Polydor Ltd. and released in the UK and Ireland. An alternate version in the UK and Ireland omits 14, but comes with a bonus DVD (including a video for "All About Us" (uncensored compared to that shown on TV), a "making of" feature about that video and "Loves Me Not" in different tracks (vocals, music etc.) allowing DIY remixes). The basic international release omits (13, 14). The Japanese version has 15 tracks, adding "Divine". The Russian-language version was entitled Lyudi-Invalidi (translates as "Handicapped People"):

1. Lyudi Invalidi (Intro) ["Dangerous and Moving (Intro)" in international version] (0:49)
2. Novaya Model
3. Obezyanka Nol (4:25)
4. Loves Me Not (2:55)
5. Kosmos ["Cosmos" in international version] (4:12)
6. Ti Soglasna (3:06)
7. Nichya (3:02)
8. Vsya Moya Lubov (5:49)
9. All About Us (3:02)
10. Chto Ne Hvatayet (3:45)
11. Lyudi Invalidi ["Dangerous and Moving" in international version] (4:35)

These are, I think, mostly the same songs in a different order; apart from the vocal tracks being in a different language in most cases, the main musical difference is that "Loves Me Not" has a different arrangement.

(6) was originally referred to as "I'm Sorry Japan". (11) translates as "Monkey Zero". The Dave Stewart who co-wrote (5) is the former member of the Eurhythmics, not the keyboard player in Bruford. Dominic Miller was reported to play on the album and is thanked in the liner notes, but not directly credited. He presumably plays on (5). Dave Lopez and Michael Urbano also reportedly played on the album and are thanked in the liner notes.

The debut single was 'All About Us', to be followed by 'Dangerous and Moving'. Videos for both were directed by James Cox. (HP, 15 Oct 05)

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