Album: Electronica
Artist: Geoff Downes/New Dance Orchestra
2010 White Knight
CD: NDO CD 002

All instruments programmed and performed by Geoff Downes
Anne-Marie Helder: lead vocals
Linda Allan: backing vocals
Debi Doss: backing vocals

Recorded at Castle Studios, Raglan, Monmouthshire
Lead vocals recorded at Liscombe Park Studios, Soulbury, Buckinghamshire
Mixed at Aubitt Studios, Southampton, Hampshire
Engineered: Rob Aubrey
Additional engineering: Steve Rispin

Artwork & sleeve: Mike Inns
Management: Martin Darvill with Daniel Earnshaw, Patzi Cacchio, Maria Lundy

1. Shine On (4:33)
2. Forgiven (4:26)
3. Movin' On (4:34)
4. Rainbow's End (3:25)
5. Breaking the Spell (4:15)
6. Love is Not Enough (5:19)
7. Jinx (4:40)
8. Hanging by a Thread (3:52)
9.  Remember the Day (4:38)
10. Dance to the Music of Time (5:36)
11. Walking Through the Fire (3:18)
12. Golden Days (3:52)

all songs by Geoff Downes/Glenn "Ben" Woolfenden

Notes: A shift from the longer pieces of some of Downes' solo work, Electronica is an album of dance music really. Lead vocals throughout are from Anne-Marie Helder (of Mostly Autumn and Panic Room, formerly of Karnataka) who worked with Downes in iCon. Backing vocals are from former Buggles singers Linda Allan (who performed in The Buggles as Linda Jardim) and Debi Doss. The album was co-written with Downes' long-time friend, collaborator and lyricist Ben Woolfenden, who worked on songs on Asia's Aqua, Archiva 2 and Aura.

This is the project referred to in Downes' Jan and Feb 2007 blog entries, where he described a project of "short pop-songs" with Woolfenden, and that they "are looking for a few killer vocalists to do this work justice (hopefully) and finish it all off." Helder fits the bill with a great performance. Woolfenden's lyrics are interesting, even if the song titles seem rather generic! Not what I expected from Downes and at times a rather generic sound, but an enjoyable album. (HP, 28 Oct 10)
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