Album: Eterniverse Deja Vu
Artist: Light Freedom Revival
2017 Positive Imagination Media
CD: VHDJ0001

John Vehadija: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Billy Sherwood: drums, bass, keys
Oliver Wakeman: piano, keys
Eric Gillette: lead guitar
Marisa Frantz: harmony vocals

Produced by Sherwood/Vehadija
Mixed and engineered by Sherwood
Additional engineering: Wakeman, Gillette
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
Artwork by Ed Unitsky

1. "New Lightspace Age" (4:17)
2. "An Idea of Freedom" (4:58)
3. "Where Words Fail" (4:03)
4. "Dream Again" (4:41)
5. "Form Hope" (4:31)
6. "Eterniverse Deja Vu" (5:24)
7. "They Fit You In" (4:18)
8. "Go Amplify the Feeling" (4:29)
9. "Starting Over" (4:53)
10. "Place of Power" (6:02)
11. "Stay Strong with Me" (5:41)
12. "Positive Light Code" (5:12)
13. "Enjoy the Now" (5:54)

All songs by Vehadija

Notes: (*) Released 7 Mar 2017, this album is almost unlistenable. Canadian Vehadija, who used to work under the band name Inyth, offers little as a singer or a melodist here. Some nice guitar work from Gillette (from the Neal Morse Band) and good harmony vocals from Frantz are about the only positive things I can say about this release. Unitsky's artwork is gloriously over-the-top. The liner notes and lyrics are reminiscent a cult pamphlet... in the style of Jon Anderson, but turned up to 11. "[W]e are living in a time of accelerated awakening, at a crossroad between dimensions, where each of us has to consciously or unconsciously pass through light probability quantum stargates," Vehadija explains. A forthcoming book has more.

Vehadjia has done some visual work for Anderson and the Anderson Ponty Band, but turned to Sherwood for assistance in making his own album. A series of singles came first. Oliver Wakeman was originally engaged for a small contribution, but ended up having a role across the album. Wakeman described working on 15 tracks, so perhaps also counting some prior single releases. He tweeted on 23 Apr 2016 that he had "Just sent the rough key mix for the next track I've played on for John Vehadija's upcoming album." On 19 May, he tweeted, "Finished recording the piano for the final song for the John Vehadija cd this evening."

The project's first single was out 25 Jul 2016: "Close Your Eyes and Feel", was written, produced and mixed by Vehadija and performed with Frantz (lead vocals, violin), Jamie Glaser (Anderson Ponty Band, Jean-Luc Ponty; acoustic guitar), Phil Ockelford (electric guitar, bass), Eric Butterfield (drums), Aly Frank (piano, keys) and Artem Zhulyev (sax). This was followed by the release of two digital-only tracks, "We Shall Never Deny" (4:36) on 13 Aug 2016, and "You are Extraordinary" (5:47) on 10 Nov 2016. The latter features O Wakeman and Glaser. (HP, 30 Apr 17)
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