Album: Gary Wright's Extraction/Footprint
Artist: Gary Wright
2005 Beat Goes On Records

Rmeastered by Andrew Thompson


Gary Wright: vocals, keys
Alan White: drums
Hugh McCracken: guitar
Mick Abrahams: guitar
Mike Kellie (credited as Kelly): drums
Trevor Burton: bass
Klaus Voormann: bass
Doris Troy: backing vocals
Madeline Bell: backing vocals
Nanette Newman: backing vocals

Produced by Andrew Johns, Wright
Engineer: Johns
Artwork & cover: Voormann

Gary Wright: vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
George Harrison (under the pseudonym George O'Hara): electric & acoustic guitars, slide guitar
Hugh McCracken: electric & acoustic guitars
Jerry Donahue: electric guitar, percussion
Mick Jones: guitar
Klaus Voormann: bass
Tom Duffy: bass
Alan White: drums, percussion, harpsichord
Jim Keltner: drums
Jim Gordon: drums
Colin Allen (credited as Allan): drums, percussion
Bryson Graham: drums
Bobby Keys: tenor saxophone
Jim Price: trumpet, trombone
King Curtis: sax solo (14)
Doris Troy: backing vocals
Nanette Newman: backing vocals
Madeline Bell: backing vocals
Liza Strike: backing vocals
Barry St John: backing vocals
Pat (PP) Arnold: backing vocals
Jimmy Thomas: backing vocals

Producer: Wright, Harrison (uncredited)
Recording engineer: Andy Johns, Chris Kimsey
Mixing engineer: Johns
Original art direction: Roland Young
Original album design: Chuck Beeson
Photo: Ethan Russell
Back cover painting: Joe Garnett

Gary Wright's Extraction
Side A
1. Get on the Right Road [Wright] (3:10)
2. Get Hold of Yourself [Wright] (3:10)
3. Sing a Song [Wright] (3:10)
4. We Try Hard [Wright] (2:30)
5. I Know a Place [Wright] (4:55)

Side B
6. The Wrong Time [Wright/McCracken] (3:19)
7. Over You Now [Wright] (3:35)
8. Too Late to Cry [Wright] (3:50)
9. I've Got A Story [Wright/McCracken] (5:25)

Side A
10. "Give Me the Good Earth" [Wright] (3:17)
11. "Two Faced Man" [Wright] (3:40)
12. "Love to Survive" [Wright] (4:48)
13. "Whether It's Right or Wrong" [Wright] (5:08)

Side B
14. "Stand for Our Rights" [Wright; co-arranged with Harrison, uncredited] (3:32)
15. "Fascinating Things" [Wright] (5:05)
16. "Forgotten" [Wright] (4:02)
17. "If You Treat Someone Right" [Wright] (4:50)

John Barham: string arrangements (Footprint)

Notes: Wright had been in Spooky Tooth, leaving the band in Jan 1970 for a solo career. Wright had co-produced Steve Gibbons' Short Stories, which had included contributions from White, McCracken, Burton (of The Move), Troy and Bell.

Wright's first album, Extraction (A&M Records), was released in 1970 with Spooky Tooth drummer Mike Kellie and Andy Johns, who had engineered for the band. Another notable performer on the album is Abrahams of Jethro Tull and Blodwyn Pig. (1) was issued as a single. Wright then played on George Harrison's All Things Must Pass, also with White and Voormann.

Wright formed the band Wonderwheel in Apr 1971 with Jerry Donahue among others. Donahue then played on Footprint (1 Nov 71 US, 21 Jan 72 UK)) along with Voormann and White from the first album and many of the performers from All Things Must Pass, including Harrison, Gordon, Keys and Price. Wright has said that Harrison produced part of the album, including (11) and (14). Singles from the album were (14), released 28 May 71 (UK), b/w non-album "Can't See the Reason"; (15), released 30 Nov 71, b/w (12); and (11), released May 72.

Full credits of who performed on which tracks are not available, but White was the main drummer on Footprint. (14) was performed by Wright, Gordon (drums), Keltner (drums), Donahue (percussion), Allen (percussion), Harrison (guitars), McCracken (guitars), Voormann (bass), White (harpsichord) and Troy/Bell/Newman/Arnold (backing vocals). We also know Keltner played drums on (10) and McCracken played guitar on (15).

Neither album was particularly commercially successful and Wright re-joined Spook Tooth. He struck the big time when his 1975 solo album The Dream Weaver made the US top ten. (HP, 23 Jul 16)

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