Album: Fall in Love with the World
Artist: United Progressive Fraternity
2014 InsideOut
CD: 0506958

Mark Trueack: vocals, production ideas
Matt Williams: guitars, bass, vocals, production
Guy Manning: keys, guitars, vocals
David Hopgood: drums, vocals, production ideas
Tim Irrgang: percussion
Marek Arnold: sax, flutes, piano, keys
Dan Mash: bass, vocals

Jon Anderson: backing vocals (4, 9)
Guillermo Cides: Chapman Stick
Ian Ritchie: sax, flute
Jon Barrett: fretless bass
Steve Hackett: guitars
Steve Unruh: violin
Holly & Brittany Trueack: vocals
Claire Vezina: French & English vocals

Produced by Williams/Trueack
Engineered and mixed by Williams
Mastered by Martin Pullan
Concept by Trueack
Additional arrangements by Manning/Steve Layton
Artworks: Ed Unitsky

1. We Only Get One World (Overture) [Matt Coxhead] (4:02)
2. Choices [Trueack/Sean Timms/Coxhead/Williams] (8:32)
3. Intersection [Trueack/Timms/Coxhead/Williams] (8:59)
4. The Water [Trueack/Timms/Coxhead/Williams] (5:22)
5. Don't Look Back-Turn Left [Trueack/Timms/Coxhead/Williams] (5:37)
6. Travelling Man (The Story of ESHU) [Trueack/Timms/Coxhead/Williams] (21:42)
7. Fall in Love with the World [Trueack] (4:35)
8. Religions of War [Trueack/Williams] (3:50)
9. The Water (alternative mix) [Trueack/Williams] (5:47), Special Edition Digipack bonus track only

Notes: Jon Anderson had been working with Australian Steve Layton on a number of projects, with Layton appearing on Survival & Other Stories. Layton then met Mark "Truey" Trueack in 2009 and they started collaborating on The Hope project, to include multiple guests from around the world. They tried to get Anderson involved, in the end just getting him to do backing vocals for a piece called "The Water".

Meanwhile, Unitopia, Trueack's band with keyboardist Sean Timms, went on a hiatus. This was initially reported as the end of the band, but Trueack in an interview for the Jan 2015 Prog described it as a break and said he and Timms agreed to split a set of Unitopia demos for separate projects. This led to Trueack and three other Unitopia members (Williams/Hopgood/Irrgang) recording Fall in Love with the World, recruiting former Tangent member Guy Manning on keys. The band looked for a bassist, briefly recruiting John Jowitt, then Steve Gee, then Jonathan Barrett (ex-The Tangent), before being joined by Marsh, also formerly of The Tangent.

The album does not give detailed credits, but a YouTube video for "The Water" gave the credits as:

Lyrics by Trueack

Vocals: Trueack, Anderson, Williams
Guitars: Williams
Drums: Hopgood
Bass: Mash
Programing, Keyboards: Williams, Manning
Percussion: Irrgang

Produced by Trueack/Williams/Layton
Engineered and mixed by Williams
Video production: Unitsky

Aug 2016 saw a BlueMountain remix of "The Water" with Layton released on YouTube. This version was credited to Trueack/Timms/Williams as writers, with lyrics by Trueack, vocals by Trueack and Anderson, and all instruments by Layton.

After the album came out, Timms, however, responded to Prog magazine, saying Trueack's version of events was untrue: that he never wanted to work with Trueack again, and as for splitting the demos, he responded:

'Both parties amicably agreeing to split the music' - I didn't agree to Mark using the songs I had written on the UPF album, he just went ahead and did it. I didn't find out about it until I downloaded a copy of the album. The songs are virtually a carbon copy of the demoes we did for the Unitopia album. He's just changed the titles... Spinning On The Surface became Choices, How Long became Intersection, Crossroads became Travelling Man. 90% of the writing is mine, with a few lyrical ideas from Mark. Of the 8 songs I completely wrote 3 (Choices, Intersection & Travelling Man) and co-wrote another 3 (Water, Don't Look Back & FILWTW). The only songs I didn't have input in the writing were the Overture and Religion Of War. Truth be told I am actually pretty pissed off that he's used these songs without my permission.

However, Timms subsequently made peace with Trueack and the two have re-united.

Fall in Love with the World also came to include a version of "The Water" (two versions on the special edition), as well as further guest appearances, notably including Steve Hackett and Mystery's Claire Vezina. Plans for The Hope, meanwhile, evolved, with Planetary Overload: Loss and Planetary Overload: Hope now expected as the band's next project, and with another version of "The Water". (HP, 26 Dec 2017)

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