Album: Small Beginnings: Flashback
Artist: Flash
2002 Golden Treasures Publishing

Unfinished work in progress re-mix by George Mizer and Chris Wintrip
Executive producers: Peter Banks, Gerard Johnson

1. Small Beginnings (19:47) [Banks/Carter]
2. Small Beginnings (3:11) [Banks/Carter]

Notes: A limited edition (200 copies) disc only available with Peter Banks and Billy James' "Beyond and Before—The Formative Years of Yes".

The Small Beginnings: Flashback project had begun some years before, a collaboration between Peter Banks and Gerard Johnson (who had worked with Banks on Reduction) working on an extended remix of Flash's "Small Beginnings" (from 1972's Flash, also with Tony Kaye). The project stalled after a while, but former Flash road manager George 'TheMiz' Mizer and Chris Wintrip took the Flashback tapes as they were and did this mix to produce a rare CD available with deluxe editions of Banks' autobiography "Beyond and Before". (thanks to Peter Banks for giving me a copy; HP, 5 Aug 03)

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