Album: Heathen
Artist: David Bowie
2002 ISO Records under license to Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
CD: 508222 2

David Bowie: vocals, backing vocals, keys, guitar, sax, Stylophone, drums
Tony Visconti: bass, guitars, recorders, backing vocals
Matt Chamberlain: drums, loop programming, percussion
David Torn: guitars, guitar loops, Omnichord

Additional musicians:
The Scorchio Quartet
    Greg Kitzis: 1st violin
    Meg Okura: 2nd violin
    Martha Mooke: viola
    Mary Wooten: cello
Carlos Alomar: guitar (including 10)
Sterling Campbell: drums, percussion
Lisa Germano: violin
Gerry Leonard: guitar
Tony Levin: bass
Mark Plati: guitar, bass
Jordan Ruddess: keys
The Borneo Horns (Lenny Pickett, Stan Harrison, Steve Elson)
Kristeen Young: vocals, piano
Pete Townshend: guitar (4)
Dave Grohl: guitar (6)
Gary Miller: programming (10), guitar (10)
Dave Clayton: keys (10)
John Read: bass (10)
Solá Ákingbolá: percussion (10)
Philip Sheppard: electric cello (10)

Produced by Bowie/Visconti, except (5) Bowie/Plati; (10) by Brian Rawling/Gary Miller with vocals and guitar produced and recorded by Visconti
Engineer: Tony Visconti, except (5) Mark Plati, assisted by Hector Castillo
2nd engineers: Brandon Mason, Todd Vos, Hector Castillo, Christian Rutledge
Mixed by Visconti, except (10) by Gary Miller
Mastering engineer by Emily Lazar

Photography: Markus Klinko
Art direction & design: Barnbrook Design

1. Sunday [Bowie] (4:45)
2. Cactus [Black Francis] (2:55)
3. Slip Away [Bowie] (6:05)
4. Slow Burn [Bowie] (4:41)
5. Afraid [Bowie] (3:28)
6. I've Been Waiting for You [Neil Young] (3:00)
7. I Would be Your Slave [Bowie] (5:14)
8. I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship [Legendary Stardust Cowboy] (4:06)
9. 5:15 The Angels Have Gone [Bowie] (5:01)
10. Everyone Says 'Hi' [Bowie] (3:58)
11. A Better Future [Bowie] (4:11)
12. Heathen (The Rays) [Bowie] (4:16)

String arrangements by Tony Visconti

Notes: **** (HP, 7 May 06)

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