Album: High Seas
Artist: Conrad & Cousins
11 Jul 2005 Witchwood
CD: WMCD 2025

David Cousins: vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, dulcimer
Conny Conrad: guitars, keyboards, programming, backing vocals

Rick Wakeman: piano (5)

1. The Call to Action [Cousins]
2. Deep Inside [Conrad/Cousins]
3. The Rose [Cousins]
4. On the Horizon [Conrad]
5. Deep in the Darkest Night [Cousins]
6. The Moon and Stars [Conrad/Cousins]
7. My Oh My My [Conrad/Cousins]
8. It's Just My Way of Loving You [Cousins]
9. Not Another Day [Conrad]
10. Haiku [Cousins]
11. The Feng Shui Symphony [Conrad]

Notes: (Info from S. Young, 8 Oct 05)

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