Single: Home for My Heart
Artist: The Fizz ft. Rick Wakeman
2017 Modal Production Group Ltd
Digital single

Cheryl Baker: vocals
Jay Aston: vocals
Mike Nolan: vocals
Bobby McVay: vocals
Rick Wakeman: piano (1, 3)

1. "Home for My Heart [Festive Mix]" [Stock/Aston/Dave Colquhoun] (3:14)
2. "The Land of Make Believe (Christmas Version)" [Andy Hill/Pete Sinfield] (3:37)
3. "Home for My Heart [Festive Mix Instrumental]" (3:14)

Notes: The Fizz are three of the four original members of 1980s pop group Bucks Fizz: Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston. They lost a lawsuit with the fourth member over rights to the band name. They are joined by Bobby McVay, who was in another '80s group, Sweet Dreams. The band released their debut album The F-Z of Pop on 22 Sep 2017, including both new material like "Home for My Heart" and covers of classic Bucks Fizz songs like "The Land of Make Believe". Wakeman isn't on that album. For this 8 Dec release, he recorded new piano parts (in Nov or Dec 2017), while Colquhoun played guitar on "Home for My Heart", and Mike Stock and Jimmy Junior seem to have performed everything else (judging by the album credits). Colquhoun has long worked with Wakeman and is also Aston's husband. Wakeman described the single as produced by Stock, famous as one third of Stock Aitken & Waterman, although the album production is credited to Stock and Junior.

The original "The Land of Make Believe" was a 1981 hit for Bucks Fizz, with lyrics by Pete Sinfield. Yes, the Pete Sinfield of King Crimson and ELP fame. He said the lyrics of the song were an attack on Thatcherism, although you can't tell by listening to it! (HP, 4 Jan 18)
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