Album: Homebrew 4
Artist: Steve Howe
2009 HoweSound

Steve Howe: MiniMoog (1), keys (8, 15, 17), piano via MIDI guitar (12), synths (13), guitars (2, 4, 5, 7, 9-11, 14, 16, 18), electric guitars (6, 19), acoustic guitars (3, 6, 12, 19), Spanish guitar (8), mandolin (8, 13), pedal steel (8), Fender steel (13), bass (2, 4-11, 14, 15, 17-19), Danelectro 6-string bass (4), drums (19), acoustic drums (7), drum machine (2, 4-6, 9-11, 15, 17, 18), percssion (6, 14), vocals (3, 7, 11, 14-19)
Geoff Downes: keys (16), vocal harmony (16)

Produced and engineered by Steve Howe
Recorded by Greg Jackman (3, 19)
Mastered by Will Worsley
Cover and package design by Glenn & Doug Gottlieb; logo designs by Roger Dean
Photos by Steve Howe, except photo of Steve Howe by Gottlieb Bros.
Webmaster: Mike Tiano

1. Beginnings (Themes) (3:10)
2. The Inner Battle (3:27)
3. Take It in Hand (3:11)
4. Mainland (2:32)
5. Distant Seas (4:10)
6. Wayward Course II (3:16)
7. Georgia's Song (3:10)
8. Solar Winds II (3:26)
9. High Flyer (4:00)
10. Sensitive Chaos (3:52)
11. Really Know (3:57)
12. White (3:55)
13. Up Above Somewhere (2:51)
14. Closer Than Before (2:21)
15. Lily's in the Field (3:16)
16. Have You Forgotten Love? (4:48)
17. Go to This (2:43)
18. What am I? (2:10)
19. Nothing to Cry for (2:28)

All tracks written by Howe, except (15) by Howe/Annie Haslam, (16) by Howe/Downes

Notes: Another in the Homebrew series, Homebrew 4 was first available at live shows in late 2009 and in a Japanese boxset of all four Homebrews, before a general release in the first half of 2010.

1: themes for "Beginnings"
2: an edit of Howe's initial acoustic version then into the first full recording of this piece on Turbulence
3: became the first half of "Novalis" on Turbulence
4: early version of piece on Quantum Guitar
5: alternate version of the piece on Natural Timbre
6: alternate version of the piece on Homebrew 2 and The Grand Scheme of Things
7: written after the birth of daughter Georgia, while on tour with Asia
8: alternate version of the piece on Homebrew 3 and Natural Timbre
9: became the main riff of "Turbulence" on Turbulence; also developed by GTR for an unreleased piece called "The Future"
10: early version of the piece on Turbulence and the second theme from this was used in "I Could have Waited Forever" on Union
11: contains three later released pieces, being a vocal version of "Time Runs Slow" and "Distant Seas" with the riff from GTR's "Still Get Through"
12: early version, before lyrics had been written, of "Wish I'd Known All Along" on Asia's Phoenix
13: early version of the piece on Natural Timbre and later became "Over and Over" on Asia's Phoenix
14: early version of Asia's "One Step Closer"; Wetton wrote new lyrics for the Asia song, but seems to have been inspired by the line here "Making every moment bring us closer than before"
15: demo of the song written with Annie Haslam
16: contains parts of "Distant Seas" and ABWH's "Long Lost Brother of Mine" (with an alternate lyric)
17: early version of the piece sung by Yes on the Drama tour: Howe explains that the Yes version had lyrics by Horn, developed from Howe's initial ideas
18: vocal version of "The Go Between" on Homebrew 2, which became part of "Quartet: I Wanna Learn" on ABWH
19: written while in Bodast and an alternate version of the piece on The Bodast Tapes, this is an edit between a vocal/guitar version and the same piece with overdubs

(HP, 28 Mar 10)

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