Album: Hummingbird
Artist: Wakeman & Cousins
2002 Witchwood Media
CD: WMCD 2007

Rick Wakeman: keyboards
Dave Cousins: vocals, guitar, dulcimer, banjo
Ric Sanders: violins (1, 7, 13)
Mac McGann: tipple (10)
Chas Cronk: bass (1, 10)
Tony Fernandez: drums (1, 10)

Recorded at Music Fusion Studios, Phoenix, Wembley, May 2002
Recording engineer: Stuart Sawney
Mixed by Stuart Sawney and Erik Jordan

1. The Young Pretender (Cousins/Wakeman) 5.49
2. Hummingbird (Cousins/Wakeman) 3.41
3. So Shall Our Love Die (Cousins) 3.36
4. Steppes (Wakeman) 1.23
5. October to May (Cousins) 3.26
6. Ice Maiden (Wakeman) 0.42
7. Higher Germanie (trad., arr. Cousins/Wakeman) 4.30
8. Stone Cold is the Woman's Heart (Cousins) 4.38
9. Crie du Coeur (Wakeman) 1.26
10. All in Vain (Cousins/Wakeman) 3.48
11. Can You Believe (Cousins/Leon/Webb) 4.45
12. Via Bencini (Wakeman) 2.12
13. Forever Ocean Blue (Cousins) 3.36

Notes: (***) A collection of lovely, melancholy tunes, including four brief instrumentals by Wakeman. This album is a must for Strawbs fans, and probably a good starting point for Wakeman fans who have yet to experience this side of his career. No producer is credited on the album, but the album's website described it as being produced by Wakeman and Cousins prior to release. (Ray Riethmeier, 27 Aug 02)

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