Album: Icon 3
Artist: Wetton Downes
2009 Asia Icon Ltd. under exclusive license to Frontiers Records s.r.l.
CD: FR CD 406

John Wetton: voices, basses
Geoffrey Downes: keys, vocoder
David Kilminster: guitars
Pete Riley: drums
Hugh McDowell: cello

Anne-Marie Helder: voice (4, 8, 10)
Andreas Vollenweider: harp (4, 6)

Produced by John Wetton/Geoffrey Downes
Engineered and mixed by Steve Rispin, Oct 2008-Jan 2009
Mastered by Andy Jackson
Design/artwork: Michael Inns/Karen Gladwell
Management: Martin Darvill, assisted by Patrizia Cacchio

1. Twice the Man I was [Wetton/Downes] (4:43)
2. Destiny [Wetton/Downes] (5:22)
3. Green Lights and Blue Skies [Wetton/Downes] (4:25)
4. Raven [Wetton/Downes] (3:58)
5. Sex, Power and Money [Wetton/Downes] (6:22)
6. Anna's Kiss [Wetton/Downes] (4:28)
7. Under the Sky [Wetton/Downes] (4:31)
8. Don't Go Out Tonight [Wetton/Downes] (4:54)
9. Never Thought I'd See You Again [Wetton/Downes] (5:04)
10. Peace in Our Time [Wetton/Downes] (5:40)

Notes: The melody to (10), Wetton says in the liner notes, "had been in my mind at the time of a rehearsal with Bill Bruford and Rick Wakeman in 1976", while (5) "was a title I'd tossed around with Harry Parress and Curt Cuomo in Los Angeles in 1991, while preparing material for 'Battle Lines'." (HP, 11 Mar 09)
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