Album: If
Artist: Glass Hammer
2010 Sound Resources
CD: SR1924

Fred Schendel: keys, steel guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
Steve Babb: bass, keys, backing vocals
Jon Davison: lead vocals
Alan Shikoh: guitars

Randal Williams: drums

Produced by Babb/Schendel
Recorded in Chattanooga, TN
Mastered by Bob Katz
Administration: Julie Babbb
Logo design & cover art: Tom Kuhn
Photography: Pete Rajaniemi, J Babb, Kira Smith, Daniel Cossack

1. "Beyond, Within" (11:46)
2. "Behold, the Ziddle" (9:13)
3. "Grace the Skies" (4:32)
4. "At Last We Are" (6:52)
5. "If the Stars" (10:29)
6. "If the Sun" (24:04)

music: Babb/Schendel
lyrics: Babb/Schendel/Davison

Notes: (****) Having previously worked with Jon Anderson, Glass Hammer acquired another high-pitched vocalist in Jon Davison. This was his first release with the band (although sessions for The Inconsolable Secret re-recording were earlier). Beyond the writing credits given above, Schendel has said the album "was about 95% written by the time Jon and Alan came onboard." Davison's main contributions seem to have been lyrics for "Grace the Skies" and "If the Stars", some lyrical input on "Behold the Ziddle", and input on lyrics and melody for "If the Sun". (HP, 30 Dec 16)
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