Album: If Summer Had Its Ghosts
Artist: Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie Gomez
1997 Discipline Global Mobile
CD: DMG9705

Band Members:
Bill Bruford: drums, percussion
Ralph Towner: 12-string and classical guitars, piano, electronic keyboards
Eddie Gomez: bass

Produced by Bill Bruford
Executive Producer: Norm Waitt Jnr.

1. If Summer had Its Ghosts (Bruford) 6:20
2. Never the Same Way Once (Bruford) 5:04
3. Forgiveness (Bruford/Ballamy/Bates) 5:15
4. Somersaults (Bruford) 3:27
5. Thistledown (Bruford) 4:11
6. The Ballad of Vilcabamba (Bruford) 5:00
7. Amethyst (for Carmen) (Gomez) 4:18
8. Splendour Among Shadows (Bruford) 4:52
9. Some Other Time (Bruford/Morello) 3:01
10. Silent Pool (Bruford) 3:35
11. Now is the Next Time (Towner) 4:03

Notes: (****) In my mind, this album completes Bill Bruford's transition from rock to jazz. The band Bruford gave us progressive fusion; he edged closer with Earthworks' electronic jazz; this is the culmination, and it is an entirely satisfying effort (even if he does use one tune composed by the members of Earthworks). (2) went on to become a live standard for the new, acoustics Earthworks. Special note: the group photo inside the booklet was taken by Tony Levin. (submitted by Ray Riethmeier)

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