DVD/CD: In Concert in Holland
Artist: Bruford - Bortslap
2004 Summerfold Records (Bill Bruford Productions Ltd.)
CD: BBSF008CD (bonus CD with DVD BBSF007DVD)

Michiel Borstlap: keyboards
Bill Bruford: drums

Produced by Bill Bruford
Recorded at the Music Meeting, Nijmegen, Holland, 3 Nov 2002
Artwork and layout by Jonathan Price at kadu ink
Cover photos by Fernando Aceves

1. Prologue [Borstlap] (11:04)
2. Game of Chess [Borstlap] (15:38)
3. Conception [Borstlap] (4:16)
4. Camilla [Borstlap] (5:29)
5. Two Left Shoes [Bruford/Borstlap] (7:21)
6. Mister B.B. [Borstlap] (6:49)
7. Arabian Quest [Bruford/Borstlap] (6:42)

Notes: (*****) The initial release of the DVD "In Concert in Holland" was a limited edition of 2000 with a bonus audio CD, described here, of the main programme on the DVD. (HP, * May 04)

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