Album: In Extremis
Artist: Days Beween Stations
2013 Days Between Stations, LLC
CD: UNCR-5090

Sepand Samzadeh: lead guitar (2-4, 8), rhythm guitar (1, 4, 5, 7, 8), lap steel (3), guitar textures (4, 8), slide solo (4), acoustic guitar (7), tar (7)
Oscar Fuentes Bills: piano (1-4, 7, 8), synths (1-5, 7, 8), Rhodes (4, 7), Mellotron (4, 7), Hammond (4, 8), electronic percussion (7, 8)

Billy Sherwood: drums (1, 3-5, 7, 8), vocals (3, 7, 8), backing vocals (5)
Peter Banks: guitar textures (7, 8), rhythm guitars (7, 8), lead guitar (8)
Rick Wakeman: Mellotron flute (7), MiniMoog solo (7)
Tony Levin: double bass (1), bass (1-5), Stick (3, solo on 4), NS Upright (7), Funk Fingers (7), NS Electric Upright (8), bass textures (8)
Colin Moulding: lead vocals (5)
Josh Humphrey: keyboard effects & textures (2), electronic drums (3), programming (3, 5)
Matt Bradford: dobro (3)
Chris Tedesco: trumpet solo (3, 8)
Ali Nouri: tar solo (7)
Jeffery Samzadeh: Sonati vocals (8)

Angel City Orchestra (1, 8), contracted by Tedesco
Angel City Brass Section (2, 3)
Angel City String Quartet (6)
Barbershop Quartet (Pat Claypool, Matt Gray, Eric Orr, David Rakita) (8), contracted by Jussi Ratsula

Produced by Days Beween Stations/Sherwood
Executive producers: Sam H Samzadeh/Days Between Stations, LLC
Guitar techs: David Phillips, Eric Chaz, Brent Hoffort
Keyboard tech & programming: Humphrey (3, 5)

Recorded at DBS Studios, San Fernando Valley, CA, and CIRCA: HQ Studios, Palmdale, CA
Engineering: Bill Kaylor (for Days Between Stations at DBS Studios), Leigh Darlow (for Banks at Earth Works Studios, Barnet, London, UK), Levin (for Levin in New York, NY), Moulding (for Moulding in England), Sherwood (for Sherwood at CIRCA: HQ Studios), Erik Jordan (for Wakeman at Tower Mill Studios, Norfolk, UK), Damon Tedesco (for orchestra at Conway Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA), David Gebben (for the barbershop quartet at Audioman Studios, Fullerton, CA)

Mixed by Sherwood at CIRCA: HQ Studios
Mastered by Evren Göknar at Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA

Artwork, logo & design by Paul Whitehead
Photography & additional layout, website and social media by Erik Nielsen
PR Agent: Billy James

1. "No Cause for Alarm (Overture)" (3:51)
2. "In Utero" (5:10)
3. "Visionary" (10:40)
4. "Blackfoot" (10:04)
5. "The Man Who Died Two Times" (4:11)
6. "Waltz in E Min (Dedicated to Peter Banks)" (2:04)
7. "Eggshell Man" (11:56)
8. "In Extremis" (21:37)
        "Part I: Mass"
        "Part II: On the Ground"
        "Part III: A Requiem"
        "Part IV: Writing on Water"
        "Part V: Overland"
        "Part VI: It Never Ends"

Music by Samzadeh/Fuentes; vocal melodies/lyrics by Samzadeh/Fuentes/Sherwood
Arranged by Days Between Stations, except (5) arr. by Days Between Stations/Sherwood
Orchestral arrangements by Days Between Stations
Orchestrated by Fuentes

Notes (****): Peter Banks died of heart failure on 7 Mar 2013. He body was found at home in Barnet, London on 8 Mar, after he failed to show up for a recording session; he was 65. His manager and long-time friend George Mizer announced the news. His last three known recordings were the two tracks on this album and a track for Sherwood's Prog Collective 2. The CD booklet begins with a paragraph each from Samzadeh, Fuentes and Mizer about Pete.

Released in the US on CD and digitally, but only digitally in the UK, In Extremis is the second album from Los Angeles prog band, Days Between Stations, consisting of guitarist Sepand Samzadeh and keyboardist Oscar Fuentes Bills. For this project, they teamed up with Sherwood, and it was presumably him who brought in the range of big-name guests. Artwork is by Paul Whitehead, who has previously worked with Genesis, Van der Graaf Generator, Le Orme and others. The band have said a documentary about the making of the album is being made, and that it may see a limited edition vinyl release.

"Eggshell Man" was included on the cover CD for Prog magazine issue 36 (Jun 2013) (P14: Brave New World). (HP, 22 Jun 13)
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