Album: In the Beginning
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1990 ASAPH Records
CD: AR-1049

Nina Carter- narration
Rick Wakeman- keyboards

Produced by Rick Wakeman

1.  The Creation  6:28
2.  The Ten Commandmens  7:12
3.  Jericho  6:51
4.  David and Goliath  11:48
5.  The 23rd Psalm  1:41
6.  Jonah  5:41
7.  Parables  9:19
8.  The Betrayal  10:49
9.  God, the Word  1:45
10. Warnings  4:48

Comment: This record may be classified as Wakeman's guest appearance
on own record: over an hour of Biblical narration with Rick on the background.
This is a kind of oil for wounds of those who consider Wakeman's later works
weak and dull. 
Thanks to Eugene Poliakov for providing this information

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