Single: Lift Me Up
Artist: Yes
1991 Arista Records Inc.
CD-single # 664 256

Band members: see Union

1. Lift Me Up (Edit) [Rabin/Squire] (3:59)
2. Lift Me Up (Album Version) [Rabin/Squire] (6:30)
3. Take the Water to the Mountain (Edit) [Anderson] (3:16)

Notes: Thanks to Rien Vink for providing this information.

1991 Arista Records Inc.
CD-single: ASCD-2218 [promo only]

Band members: see Union

Produced by Trevor Rabin
Mixed by Paul Fox & Ed Thatcher

1. Lift Me Up (Radio Edit) [Rabin/Squire] (5:03)
1. Lift Me Up (Radio Edit A Cappella Opening) [Rabin/Squire] (5:24)
3. Lift Me Up (Album Version) [Rabin/Squire] (6:30)

Notes: Thanks to Joe Feliciani for info. (HP, 12 Aug 01)

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