Album: Live at the NEC Oct 24th 1989
Artist: Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
2012 Gonzo Multimedia

Band Members:
Jon Anderson: vocals
Bill Bruford: drums
Steve Howe: guitars
Rick Wakeman: keyboards

Tony Levin: bass
Julian Colbeck: keys
Milton McDonald: guitars

Disc 1:
1. Time and a Word/Owner of a Lonely Heart/Teakbois [i: Anderson/Foster, ii. Squire/Anderson/Rabin/Horn, iii. Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford] (7:28)
2. Clap [Howe] (4:20)
3. Mood for a Day [Howe] (4:13)
4. Wakeman Solo [no writing credits given, but by Wakeman] (5:04)
5. Long Distance Runaround/Drum Solo [i. Anderson, ii. Bruford] (7:20)
6. Birthright [Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford/Bacon] (6:34)
7. And You and I [Howe/Squire/Anderson/Bruford/Scott (sic)] (10:39)
8. All Good People [Anderson] (8:54)
9. Close to the Edge [Anderson/Howe/Squire] (19:05)

Disc 2:
10. Themes/Bruford-Levin Duet [no writing credits given, but i. Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford, ii. presumably Bruford/Levin] (12:00)
11. Brother of Mine [Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford] (10:06)
12. unlisted track (1:35)
13. The Meeting [Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford] (4:46)
14. Heart of the Sunrise [Squire/Anderson/Bruford] (11:19)
15. Roundabout [Howe/Anderson] (8:54)
16. Starship Trooper [Anderson/Squire/Edward/Howe (sic)] (13:33)
17. Order of the Universe [Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford] (9:38)

Video content: "ABWH - Off the Wall", a short film by Julian Colbeck

Comments: (*****) Track 1 includes the final chords of the tour intro music, "Benjamin Britten's Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra". Track 8 is "I've Seen All Good People". The box and promo lists disc 2 as having 7 tracks with "Order of the Universe" before "Roundabout", which is where I presume it was in the set. However, the CD actually has 8 tracks: track 12 is applause and Anderson talking. Track 16 includes 26 seconds of silence at the end, before "Order..." follows as track 17. And the writing credits are full of mistakes and omissions.

This is the deluxe edition, released first and including a bonus DVD. A regular edition is expected to follow.

Tony Levin was taken ill on the ABWH tour with hepatitis A and missed a small number of dates, including the one that was recorded as An Evening of Yes Music Plus and was, for a long time, the only official ABWH live show. This release, taken from a BBC recording, rectifies that. There's a few audio glitches at the beginning of the concert, but this is mostly a good recording of a great show, although opinion will probably remain divided about Bruford's electronic drumkit.

Paul Smith posted to the Forgotten Yesterdays site:

I am the BBC sound mixer who mixed and edited the NEC Birmingham concert for "R1 in concert".

It was produced by Mark Radcliffe and the broadcast duration was app 58'00".

The concert was recorded from split feeds of the stage sound sources, vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums etc. Microphones in the auditorium were used for audience reaction and the whole lot was then submixed from these 40 odd sources and recorded onto a 24 track analogue 2" tape machine. The best performances from the 90 or so minutes recorded were then chosen by the producer and re-mixed back at the studio a song at a time. They were then cut / dub edited together in concert sequence with announcements and applause timed to last 57 or 58 minutes, which was the length of the "In Concert" slot (an hour less 2 minutes or so for news and announcements). 1/4" tape was the final delivery medium. Nowadays we have digital multitracks, computer editing and deliver the material for broadcast on CD-R! How times change!

(HP, 6 Jul 12)

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