Album: Live at the Orange
Artist: Jeronimo Road
2005 Explore Multimedia
CD: ExM001

Band members:
Damian Wilson: vocals
Fraser T-Smith: guitar
Adam Wakeman: keys, backing vocals
Phil Williams: bass
Mark Heaney: drums (1-8)
Jim McDonald: drums (9)
Tony Fernandez: drums (10)

Produced and mastered by Wakeman/T-Smith
Recorded live at The Orange on 27 Jul 1996
Live recording by Richard Dickerson

Sleeve photography: John Graver
Sleeve layout and logo: Oliver Wakeman
Multimedia design: Daniel Earnshaw

Disc 1
1. Hear Them Call (5:22)
2. Who am I? (4:30)
3. Keep On (3:24)
4. Holding You (6:13)
5. Caught in the Machine (4:47)
6. News to Me (8:41)
7. Promise Me (4:44)
8. Say What You Mean (4:38)
studio tracks:
9. Caught in the Machine (4:42)
10. Starship Trooper (5:37) from Tales from Yesterday

Multimedia section includes:
Adam Wakeman: "Lean on Me" (music video), "Free Ride"
Damian Wilson: "Homegrown"
Fraser T-Smith: "Something Real" (excerpt)
Phil Williams: "Quince Jam"
Tony Fernandez: live drum solo

Notes: Although no songwriting credits are given, it is implied that all Jeronimo Road's music is by Wakeman/T-Smith.

Jeronimo Road was formed by Adam Wakeman (Rick's son) and Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith; the two had been put in touch by Fernandez. T-Smith had previously worked with Wilson, and Wilson in turn suggested Williams on bass. Just as the band was forming, they recorded "Starship Trooper", their first studio recording, with Fernandez filling in on drums. Then Jim McDonald played on three studio tracks ("Holding You", "Caught in the Machine", "Hear Them Call") in early 1996, about three months before this live show and before Heaney was recruited. At the end of 2004, an attempt to transfer these recordings went catastrophically wrong. The master tape had corroded so much that it was destroyed, with only "Caught in the Machine" being saved.

This show at the Orange was one of two showcases with record company A&R men in the audience, but no record deal was achieved and, after a handful of live dates that year, the band disbanded in the summer.

T-Smith has become best known since as Craig David's guitarist. T-Smith, Wilson, Williams, Fernandez and Adam have all subsequently also worked with Rick Wakeman.

The multimedia section includes several music tracks (as detailed above). Background music for the main menu is also by Adam Wakeman. There is also an interview with Wakeman and T-Smith, a mix-your-own "Caught in the Machine" section and details of the band member's current activities. This is the first release on Daniel Earnshaw's Multimedia Explore label. (HP, 18 Apr 06)

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