Album: Liverpool
Artist: Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Band members:
Holly Johnson: lead vocals
Brian Nash: guitar
Peter Gill: drums
Mark O'Toole: bass
Paul Rutherford: vocals

Peter Vetesse: keyboards
Andrew Richards: keyboards
Stephen Lipson: keyboards, guitars
Betsy Cooke: backing vocals
Richard Niles: string and brass arrangements

Produced by Stephen Lipson
Executive producer: Trevor Horn

1. Warriors of the Wasteland
2. Rage Hard
3. Kill the Pain
4. Maximum Joy
5. Watching the Wildlife
6. Lunar Bay
7. For Heaven's Sake
8. Is Anybody Out There?

All songs written by Gill/Johnson/Nash/O'Toole

Comments: (***)

The credits are fairly accurate on _Liverpool_, certainly when compared 
to _Welcome to the Pleasuredome_. The band do actually play on the 
album, if assisted at times. The liner notes thank both Steve Howe and 
Trevor Rabin, but do not say for what. In fact, both play on the album: 
Howe is on just "Maximum Joy" and I don't know what Rabin plays on.
submitted by Henry Potts.

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