Album: Lost and Found
Artist: The Samurai of Prog
2016 Seacrest Oy
CD: SCR - 1012

Marco Bernard: Rickenbacker bass (1, 3-6)
Kimmo Pörsti: drums (1, 3-6), percussion (1, 3-6)
Steve Unruh: vocals (3-6), violin (1, 3-6), flute (1, 3-6), noise cello (5)

Stefan Renström: keys (1, 3, 6)
David Myers: grand piano (2)
Tom Doncourt: Mellotron (4, 5), Hammond (4, 5), keys (4, 5)
Chip Gremillion: additional keys (3)
Johan Öijen: electric guitars (4-6), acoustic guitars (6)
Kamran Alan Shikoh: electric guitar (3)
Jon Davison: lead vocals (4)
Steve Scorfina: electric guitar (1)
Richard Maddocks: narration (6)
Keith Christian: vocals (6, as Lorne)
Mark Trueack: vocals (6, as Basil)
Linus Kåse: saxes (6)
Llorián García: electronic bagpipes (6)

Produced by Bernard/Pörsti/Unruh
Pre-arrangement production: Unruh (3)
Recorded and mixed during 2015-6
Bernard's parts recorded at TSoP Studio, Helsinki, Finland
Unruh's parts recorded at Studio 222, Rhode Island, USA
Pörsti's parts recorded at Seacrest Studios, Finland and Tsiggos Studios, Greece
Other parts recorded in multiple places including Canada, Sweden, USA and Spain

Mixed & mastered by Pörsti
Artwork: Ed Unitsky

1. "Preludin" [Richard Nadler] (7:38)
2. "Along the Way" [Myers] (2:22)
3. "Inception" [mus: Gremillion; lyr: Courtenay Hilton-Green/Gremillion, edited by Unruh] (20:02)
4. "She (Who Must be Obeyed)" [mus: Vincent Kusy/Fred Callan; lyr Louie Lovino] (12:11)
5. "Plight of the Swan" [mus: Callan/Paul Seal/Doncourt/Rudy Perrone/Mercury Caronia; lyr: Seal] (10:33)

6. "The Demise" [Ken DeLoria/Christian/Jim Sides] (57:18)

arranged by Renström (1, 3, 6), Doncourt (4)
orchestral arrangement: Renström (6)

Notes: The album celebrates lost prog epics from the 1970s that were never released, the band using original recordings for reference, but then applying their own arrangements. The idea came from Bernard, who reached out to a number of bands for material. (In a 2016 interview, Unruh said he initially opposed the plan, wanting to focus on new compositions, but that he was won round on hearing the material and loved the process of makng the album.) Over two albums' worth were submitted by musicians from Pavlov's Dog, Lift, Odyssey, Cathedral and Quill, from which this selection was made and arranged for the band. The liner notes describe initial editing by Unruh, but then base tracks being put together by Doncourt and Renström. Members of the bands also contributed to the performance: Gremillion of Lift, Christian of Quill, Doncourt of Cathedral and Odyssey, and Scorfina of Pavlov's Dog. Thus, (1) is a piece by Pavlov's Dog, written by Nadler, the band's violinist on their first album (performing under the name Siegfried Carver), who died in 2009. (3) is an unreleased piece by Lift, written around Jul-Sep 1974 and played a handful of times by the band up to 1976. (4) is from Odyssey and (5) is from Cathedral: Doncourt and bassist Callan were members of Odyssey and when the band broke up in 1975, they founded Cathedral with Seal, Perrone and Caronia. (6) is an unreleased piece by Quill in 36 parts, originally known as "The Demise of the Third King's Empire". (2), however, was a new piece.

The 2CD release came out in Apr 2016. Renström died in 2015 shortly after completing his parts for the album.

Davison has guested on two previous Samurai of Prog albums. Fellow Glass Hammer member Shikoh also appears, as do a number of other contemporary prog musicians, including Trueack, who worked with Jon Anderson on United Progressive Fraternity's debut album, and Änglagård's Kåse. Artwork is by Unitsky, who also worked on the United Progressive Fraternity's album. (HP, 17 Jul 16)

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