Album: Mainhorse
Artist: Mainhorse
1971 licensed by Polydor, manufactured by Import Records, distributed by Jem Records [LP]; 2006 TimeWave Music (Voiceprint) [CD]
LP: IMP 1001; CD: IDVP001CD

Band members:
Patrick Moraz: organ, electric piano, piano, glockenspiel, klaviosynthesiser, vocals
Peter Lockett: lead guitar, violin, vocals
Jean Ristori: bass, cello, vocals
Bryson Graham: drums, percussion

Produced and arranged by Mainhorse
Engineer: Lou Austin (1-4, 7)
Re-mastered by Ristori [CD]
Photography: Wolf Huber [CD]
Art direction: Keith Davis/Grahame Berney [CD]

Side 1:
1. Introduction [mus: Moraz; lyr: Lockett/Graham (CD only credits lyrics to Lockett)] (5:09)
2. Passing Years [mus: Moraz; lyr: Dave Kubinec] (3:56)
3. Such a Beautiful Day [mus: Moraz; lyr: Lockett (CD credits lyrics to Moraz)] (4:44)
4. Pale Sky [mus: Ristori (CD co-credits music to Moraz); lyr: Kubinec] (10:17)

Side 2:
5. Basia [mus: Moraz; lyr: Lockett] (5:32)
6. More Tea Vicar [Moraz] (3:33)
7. God [mus: Moraz; lyr: Lockett] (10:32)

Notes: Mainhorse signed to Polydor in 1970 and released their debut and contemporary album in 1971. An earlier incarnation of Mainhorse is captured in the archival release The Geneva Tapes.

Moraz oversaw a remastered version in 2006 as part of a re-issue of his back catalogue. The writing credits for three pieces changed for reasons that are not explained. (Thanks to Kevin Rosenstein for providing this information; updated by Henry Potts, 24 Dec 2017)

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