Album: Mark I
Artist: Empire
1995 One Way
CD: OW 31443

Band members:
Peter Banks: guitar, vocals, keyboards
Sydney Foxx: lead vocals
Jakob Magnusson: keyboards, vocals
John Giblin: bass, vocals
Preston Ross-Heyman: drums

Additional musicians:
Phil Collins: drums, backing vocals
Sam Gopal: tabla

Produced by Peter Banks
Engineered by Richard Palmer

All music by Peter Banks, lyrics by Sydney Foxx

1. Out of Our Hands (5:40)
2. More Than Words (7:40)
3. Someone Who Cares (7:01)
4. For a Lifetime (2:44)
5. Hear My Voice on the Radio (3:30)
6. Shooting Star (13:00)
    Part 1 - From the Top
    Part 2 - Common Ground
    Part 3 - Iceland on the Rocks
    Part 4 - Shooting Star
7. Sky at Night (9:36)

submitted by Ray Riethmeier

Notes: While still in Flash, Banks was also involved in Zox and the Radar Boys, with Phil Collins and Ronnie Caryl (bass; ex-Flaming Youth). When Flash came to an end, Banks and Collins started work on material by Banks, which eventually led to this album. Initially intended as a new version of Flash, but soon re-named Empire, the band ended up with the line-up as above (having gone through other bassists, including Caryl and Mike Tomich). Collins, being familiar with the material, helped out in the recording sessions. Gopal plays on one track.

Recorded in 1974, release for the album was not forthcoming at the time, so Banks and Foxx left for the US to try anew. One Way Records eventually released the material in 1995. Giblin later worked with Jon Anderson (on Animation), while Collins went on to work with Bill Bruford in Genesis. (HP, 19 May 01)

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