Album: Marked for Madness
Artist: Michelle Young
2001 Naosha Records

Michelle Young: vocals
Clive Nolan: keyboards (all), backing vocals (11)
Bobby Kimball: additional vocals (5)
Doane Perry: drums
Peter Gee: bass
Stan Whitaker: guitar
Karl Groom: additional guitar
Peter Banks: additional guitar
Jon Colston: additional guitar

Voices (13): Young, Nolan, Gee, Sian Roberts

Produced by Clive Nolan/Michelle Young
Engineered by Clive Nolan/Karl Groom
Mixed by Groom
Drums engineered by Travis Dickerson
Mastered by Nick Webb

Photograpy by Dave Stuart
Graphic design and layout by Joe McCullough

1. Marked for Madness (6:32)
2. A Lively Toast (3:27)
3. Spider's Thread (6:47)
4. Hope-Realization (3:35)
5. First Light (1:04)
6. Dancing on the Head of a Pin (6:31)
7. Demons (4:42)
8. Hope-The Darkest Hour (2:21)
9. Melissa's Demise (5:16)
10. The Right of Passage (2:25)
11. Hope-Encouragement (3:00)
12. Mystery Man Summoned (4:15)
13. Pull the Wool (1:55)
14. Walk in the Light (8:09)
15. Toujours Ensemble (1:32)

All music and lyrics by Young
Arranged and orchestrated by Nolan

Notes: Young and Banks had both appeared on Clive Nolan's album with Oliver Wakeman, Jabberwocky (1999). (HP, 1 Sep 12)

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