Album: Muso & Proud
Artist: dB-Infusion
2011 dB-Infusion
CD: DB0002

Danny Berdichevsky: guitars (electric, classical, acoustic, synth) (all)
Gonzalo Carrera: keys (all)
Ollie Usiskin: drums (1, 3-8, 10-12)
Lakis Economou: bass (3-6, 8, 10-12)
Steve Stephenson: percussion (7)

John Helliwell: sax (7)
Hugh McDowell: cello (3-5, 8, 11, 12)
John Etheridge: guitar (2nd solo) (4, 7)
Peter Banks: guitars (2nd solo) (8)
John Hackett: flute (6)
Mornington Lockett: sax (10)
Rob Statham: bass (1, 2, 7, 9)
Ben Coleman: violin (5, 12)
Andres Ticino: percussion (6, 11)
Pete Cater: drums (9)
Genevieve Wilkins: cajon (11)

Musical direction: Danny Berdichevsky
Arranged by Danny Berdichevsky
Cello parts arranged and recorded by Hugh McDowell
Produced by Danny Berdichevsky
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Danny Berdichevsky
Cover by Gary Boller

1. Flight of the Bumblebeat (4:17) [Rimsky-Korsakov]
2. Ocean Tales (6:05) [Berdichevsky]
3. Asturias (5:39) [Isaac Albinez]
4. Giants Steps (5:15) [John Coltrane]
5. The River (8:27) [Berdichevsky]
6. Zamba (5:15) [Berdichevsky]
7. On Green Dolphin St (6:25) [Kaper/Washington]
8. Midnight Blues (7:55) [Berdichevsky]
9. Friday's Morning (5:02) [Berdichevsky]
10. Bubblegum (5:54) [Berdichevsky]
11. La Barrosa (5:04) [Paco De Lucia]
12. Time and Again (7:57) [Berdichevsky]

Notes: dB-Infusion is a jazz/fusion band led by Danny Berdichevsky. At time of release, the live band included Gonzalo Carrera, Lakis Economou, Ollie Usiskin and Steve Stephenson, although Economou only replaced Rob Statham past way through making the album, and Stephenson only appears on one track. Peter Banks had met Gonzalo Carrera, I presume when Harmony in Diversity toured with Whimwise (including Carrera), and there had been plans for a new Harmony in Diversity line-up of Banks and Carrera, although these plans stalled. Banks then guested live for one song with dB-Infusion at a London show and this collaboration followed.

Other guests include John Etheridge (formerly of Soft Machine), Hugh McDowell (formerly of ELO and has collaborated with iCon and Asia), John Hackett (Steve Hackett's brother) and John Helliwell of Supertramp. (HP, 26 Jul 11)
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