Title: Nice to Meet Miss Christine
Artist: Chris Harwood
1970 Birth / 2006 Finders Keepers Records

Band members:
Christine Harwood: vocal (all), backing vocals (1, 7, 9), percussion (6)
Tommy Eyre: Hammond C.3 organ (1, 3, 4, 9, 11), Fender Rhodes piano (3, 6, 8, 9), acoustic piano (4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12)
Dave Lambert: acoustic guitars (all), lead guitars (1, 7, 11), electric guitars (4, 6, 8, 10), slide guitars (10), rhytm guitars (11), percussion (4, 6), backing vocals (10)
Roger Sutton: Fender bass (1-4, 6-13), celli (3, 4, 6)
Peter York: percussion (3-6)
J. Kay Boots [pseudonym for Chris Welch]: drums (all), percussion (4, 6, 8)
Geoff Matthews: electric guitar (5), acoustic guitar (12)
Mike Maran: acoustic guitar (5, 12)
Peter Banks: acoustic guitar (5), pedal guitar (12)
John Morgan: tambourine (1, 5, 11)
Johnny Van Derrick: violin (2, 3, 7, 9)
Jeff Starrs: vocals
Richard Hall-Walker: backing vocals (10)
Ian McDonald: flutes (6, 12), saxes (3-5, 12)
The Designettes [pseudonym for folk-rock vocal group Design]: backing vocals

Producer: Mark Plummer
Executive producer: Miki Dallon
Engineered by Terry Everett, Dave Hunt
Remixed and edited by Miki Dallon, engineer: Larry Bartlet
Photography: Bernie Wentzell

Tracks [CD release]:
1. Hear What I Have to Say [Harwood]
2. Never Knew What Love Was [Harwood]
3. Wooden Ships [D. Crosby/S. Stills]
4. Before You Right Now [B.B. Heavy]
5. Crying to be Heard [Dave Mason]
6. Question of Time [Sutton]
7. When I Come Home [Harwood]
8. Gotta Do My Best [Harwood]
9. Romance [Harwood]
10. Ain't Gonna be Your Slave [Lambert]
11. Flies Like a Bird [Lambert]
12. Mama [Lambert; choral arrangement by Design]
13. When I Come Home (Reprise) [Harwood]

Tracks [original LP]:
1. Mama
2. Crying To Be Heard
3. Wooden Ships
4. Aint Gonna Be Your Slave
5. Question Of Time
6. Gotta Do My Best
7. Before You Right Now
8. Never Knew What Love Was
9. Flies Like A Bird

Notes: In summer 1970, a 16-year old Christine Harwood fronted a blues-folk outfit who played regularly at Rick Wakeman's Brewer's Droop rock-pub. Her then boyfriend and then later husband obtained a record deal with Birth, a new CBS-distributed label under Miki Dallon and sister-label to his Youngblood Records. Nice to Meet Miss Christine became the first release on Birth and featured a who's who of session players including Peter Banks (Banks is credited on two tracks, as above, although the liner notes say he "was drafted in to play acoustic and pedal steel guitar throughout the entire LP"). The main guitarist, and writer of three tracks, was Dave Lambert, later of The Strawbs. Rock journalist and Yes biographer Chris Welch plays drums throughout as 'J. Kay Boots'. Also notable is former King Crimson member Ian McDonald on several tracks. The album received little promotion and Harwood ended her career as a singer/songwriter, although she would go on to do backing vocals for Stone the Crows.

The original LP release became ultra-rare and much sought after. This 2006 CD release includes 4 previously unreleased tracks from the same sessions. (HP, 25 Apr 2009)

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