Album: No Dice/Say No More
Artist: Badfinger
2004: 2000 Fruitgum Corp [Australia]
CD: FCCD 04017081 (1901-047081DDR)

Band members:
Pete Ham: guitar (1-12), piano (1-12), vocals (1-12)
Tom Evans: bass, vocals
Mike Gibbins: drums (1-12)
Joey Molland: guitar, vocals
Tony Kaye: keys (13-22)
Richard Bryans: drums (13-22)
Glenn Sherba: guitar (13-22)

Producer by Geoff Emerick (1-4, 6-10, 12), Mal Evans (5, 11), Jack Richardson/Steve Wittmack (13-22)
Engineers: John Kurlander/Richard Lush (1-12), Eric Schilling (13-22)
Assistant engineers: Christopher Rutherford/Mike Couzzi (13-22)
Original sleeve design [No Dice]: Gene Mahon & Richard DiLello/Joint Effort
Photographs [No Dice]: Richard DiLello
Cover art [Say No More]: Peter Max

1. I Can't Take It [Ham] (2:54)
2. I Don't Mind [Evans/Molland] (3:13)
3. Love Me Do [Molland] (2:57)
4. Midnight Caller [Ham] (2:48)
5. No Matter What [Ham] (2:59)
6. Without You [Evans/Ham] (4:42)
7. Blodwyn [Ham] (3:24)
8. Better Days [Evans/Molland] (3:59)
9. It Had to Be [Gibbins] (2:27)
10. Watford John [Evans/Ham/Gibbins/Molland] (3:21)
11. Believe Me [Evans] (2:58)
12. We're for the Dark [Ham] (3:51)
13. I Got You [Molland] (3:49)
14. Come On [Evans] (3:26)
15. Hold On [Evans/Joe Tansin] (3:30)
16. Because I Love You [Molland] (2:58)
17. Rock N' Roll Contract [Evans] (5:45)
18. Passin' Time [Molland] (3:33)
19. Three Time Loser [Molland] (3:31)
20. Too Hung Up on You [Evans] (3:24)
21. Crocadillo [Evans/Rod Roach] (3:20)
22. No More [Molland] (4:42)

Notes: This 2004 re-release combines two Badfinger albums from opposite ends of their career: tracks 1-12 are 1970's No Dice, the band's first full album, while the remainder are 1981's Say No More, their final album, released originally on Radio Records. The Yes connection is on the latter with Kaye playing keys, as well as a cover by Talk artist Peter Max.

Three singles were released from the album: "Hold On" (b/w "Passin' Time") in Mar 1981; "I Got You" (b/w "Rock N' Roll Contract"), 1981; and "Because I Love You" (b/w "Too Hung Up on You"), 1981.

The band had not recorded an album since Pete Ham's suicide in 1975 when they re-assembled for 1979's Airwaves (Elektra) with a line-up of Molland, Evans and Joe Tansin (guitar/vocals). Kaye reportedly plays uncredited on the album and was in the touring line-up (with Evans, Molland and Peter Clarke on drums). Sets included "Rock N' Roll Contract"; the song actually dates back to the Head First sessions of Dec 1974. The touring band started work in Los Angeles on a second album for Elektra, to be entitled Love is Easy Revisited, and sessions exist, reportedly of 7 songs (including re-makes of "Love is Easy" (from 1973's Badfinger (For Love Or Money)) and "Little Darlin'" (originally by Molland's band, Natural Gas)), but remain unreleased. Elektra, however, dropped the band in autumn 1979 following poor sales. The line-up did have one released recording, a re-make of "Come and Get It" recorded in Los Angeles, Nov 1979 for K-Tel and released in the UK on Hit's Reunion (ERA Records BU 5904) and The Legendary Sixties (Arcade Records ADEH 543).

Demos were recorded in 1979 for Say No More with Ian Wallace on drums (who had replaced Clarke in the touring band), including "Three-Time Loser", "Because I Love You" and "Rock N' Roll Contract". The actual album was recorded in two bouts in Miami, 1980: (13-15, 18, 20, 21, 22) in Oct and (16, 17, 19) in Nov. The initial sessions were with Rod Roach on guitar, but he was soon replaced by Sherba. Sales for Airwaves and Say No More, associated singles and tours, were poor. In 1981, Radio Records asked for a second album, but band and label quabbled over money, so Molland left the planned rehearsals in Florida. Evans decided to go ahead with the album without Molland's knowledge and he and Kaye rehearsed. Molland finding out precipitated a split between him and Evans. The two subsequently toured with rival line-ups in support of Say No More, neither's involving Kaye.

Later, 1982 saw live dates by a reunion line-up under the name Tommy Evans' Badfinger, including Evans, original drummer Mike Gibbins and mid-seventies keyboardist Bob Jackson. After several further line-up changes, abandoned recording sessions and more live dates, a tour followed in Sep/Oct 1983 with a line-up of Evans (bass, vocals), Jackson (guitar, piano, vocals), Kaye (keys), Sherba (guitar) and Lenny Campanaro (drums). This came during Kaye's time away from Yes before the release of 90125, but he announced his return to Yes after these dates. In Nov 1983, Evans committed suicide. (HP, 10 Dec 05)

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