Album: One Among the Living
Artist: Mystery
2010 Unicorn Digital
CD: UNCR-5080

Band Members:
Benoit David: vocals
Michel St-Père: electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards
Steve Gagné: drums

Antoine Fafard: bass (2-4,6-11,14)
Benoit Dupuis: keys (1,2,11,12,14)
Claire Vezina: backing vocals (14)
Daryl Stuermer: guitar solo (14)
Dean Baldwin: guitar (13)
Francois Fournier: Taurus pedals (all), bass (12)
John Jowitt: bass (5)
Oliver Wakeman: Moog solo (5)
Richard Lanthier: bass (13)
Damellia & Dahlie-Yann St-Père: children's laughter

Mystery live are David, St-Père, Gagné, Dupuis, Baldwin and Fournier

Produced, recorded and mixed by Michel St-Père
Executive producer: Unicorn Digital Inc.
Drums recorded by Daniel Mastromatteo
Mastered by Richard Addison

Cover art: Ricky Andreoni
Design & layout by St-Père and Robert Dansereau
Photographs: Claude Dufresne

1. "Among the Living" [St-Père] (1:13)
2. "Wolf" [mus: St-Père; lyr: St-Père/David] (5:53)
3. "Between Love and Hate" [St-Père] (5:53)
4. "Until the Truth Comes Out" [St-Père] (9:25)
5. "Kameleon Man" [mus: St-Pere; lyr: St-Père/David] (5:01)
6-11. "Through Different Eyes" [St-Père] (22:35)
    6. "When Sorrow Turns to Pain" (3:56)
    7. "Apocalyptic Visions of Paradise" (1:48)
    8. "So Far Away" (5:51)
    9. "The Point of No Return" (2:21)
    10. "The Silent Scream" (5:57)
    11. "Dancing with Butterflies" (2:42)
12. "One Among the Living" [St-Père] (6:27)
13. "The Falling Man" [St-Père] (7:39)
14. "Sailing on a Wing" [St-Père] (4:55)

Notes: The latest from Mystery sees Benoît David's first writing credits on an album. He co-wrote lyrics on two songs, although the bulk remains by St-Père. Guests include David's bandmate in Yes, Oliver Wakeman, and his bandmate in Yes tribute band Close to the Edge, Richard Lanthier. Other guests include Daryl Stuermer (formerly in Genesis's touring band), John Jowitt (of Frost*, IQ, Arena and other bands) and Antoine Fafard (of Spaced Out). (HP, 6 Jun 10)
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