Album: Orchid
Artist: Edu & Gabriel Lluch
2012 Clara Luz Music

Written, performed & recorded by:
Eduardo del Signore
Gabriel Lluch

Daya Rawat (1, 2, 6, 8-10)
Jon Anderson (1, 3-9)
Cara Tower (6)
Wissam El Murr (1)
Ziad Nehme (1)

Production & mixing: del Signore/Lluch
Additional production: Anderson, El Murr, Tower
Mastering engineer: Terry Plumeri

Photo: Rob Manning
Art: Michele Mitchell

1. Orchid 1 (6:07)
2. Orchid 2 (5:39)
3. Orchid 3 (5:41)
4. Orchid 4 (4:05)
5. Orchid 5 (8:13)
6. Orchid 6 (6:42)
7. Orchid 7 (4:52)
8. Orchid 8 (4:00)
9. Orchid 9 (4:36)
10. Orchid 10 (6:41)
11. Orchid 11 (4:34)

Written by del Signore/Lluch
Lyrics: Daya Rawat/Edu del Signore/Cara Tower/Prem/Kim

Notes (*****): Bassist Eduardo del Signore first worked with Jon Anderson on the Jon & Vangelis album Page of Life and went on to play with him on several projects, including Anderson's Deseo and Toltec, and the unreleased Uzlot. At the suggestion of Anderson, in the late 1990s, del Signore (bass) and Anderson (keys) recorded material over 3 days to be del Signore's first solo album. Anderson later gave the tapes to del Signore, saying he could do what he wanted with them, as long as they weren't released as if it was an album by Anderson.

Fast forward several years and del Signore had released other solo projects, including Captivated on which Anderson guested. Now teaching, del Signore met the young Gabriel Lluch. Looking for a project, del Signore gave Lluch the tapes from the session with Anderson to work on and the result formed the core of this release. A trance-y, trippy affair with similarities to Future Sound of London: Anderson does not sing on this project, but you can hear hints of his melodic sensibilities in places. (HP, 2 Dec 2015)

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