Album: The order of the universe
Artist: ABWH
1989 Arista Records Inc.
Cd-single No. 662 618

see the ABWH -album

Produced: see album

1. Order of the universe (long edit) 5:59
2. Fist of fire  3:27
3. Order of the universe (short edit)   4:40

Comments: There was a little thing written in the sleeve

Seven principles of the order of the universe
        1. all things are differentiated apparatus of one infinity
        2. everything changes
        3. all antagonisms are complementary
        4. there is nothing identical
        5. what has a front has a back
        6. the bigger the front the bigger the back
        7. what has a beginning has an end

                        George Ohsawa

* bought in Europe

Thanks to Rien Vink for providing this information.

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